While we're on the topic of metal bands who just released double albums having games based on their work, Iron Maiden's Legacy of the Beast game is chugging along. Roadhouse Interactive has just released a new cinematic trailer for the game, putting a few more teases out there for what should be an epic game. While you might want some gameplay footage, I once talked with a developer who told me that the general public vastly prefers cinematic footage to gameplay trailers. Like, in a ten-to-one ratio.

If you do want some screenshots, well, they're starting to stream out. Roadhouse did an interview with VentureBeat recently, and they confirmed the game will be free-to-play, but with dozens of Eddies to unlock and over 100 supporting characters. Four worlds will be in the game at launch as well. Hopefully we see a soft launch of this at some point, as I'm dying to try it out and start amassing an army of Eddies for myself.

  • boydstr

    Some weeks ago I wrote about the trailer because I thought it was gameplay footage but some wrote it wasn't gameplay but a videoclip but what I see in this movie it is gameplay so I am a little confused

    • Brrobotix

      This is definitely not gameplay

    • Septim

      Yea maybe it was their video game themed music video. I do want this game and can't wait. Iron Maiden are Gods and it's gotta be better than Avenged Sevenfold's game.

  • GetFiquette

    wow!! the game i never new i wanted so much!!! awesome!!!