The Voxel Agents' long-planned resurrection of their Train Conductor franchise finally comes to frutition this week, as Train Conductor World releases on March 3rd. The game's been given a fresh coat of paint with three-dimensional visuals, but The Voxel Agents says they've also done some work on refining how the train conducting works to be better than ever. Considering that the series hasn't seen a new entry in over 5 years, one would hope! But then again, trains are trains and I mean, switching rails can always be made more efficient, but it's still rail-switching. The point is that Train Conductor World should bring back some tried-and-true fun from a franchise that has seen over 7 million downloads back in the earlier days of the App Store.

Train Conductor World

Train Conductor World launches this Thursday, March 3rd, as a free download, and focuses on European railways, as you can see by the map below:

Train Conductor World Map

And of course, along with the new tweaks and levels, comes some tricky new challenges to complete and train customizations to unlock. Pimp that train!

  • cabuckn

    I quite enjoyed the first one. Looking forward to this!

  • feinry

    I am not sure going F2P is the right strategy, even if today it's the defacto choice for a lot of studios. It didn't work so well for established premium licences like Angry Birds and PvZ.
    Anyway, I'll download it and my son and I will enjoy it

    • Pierre-Luc Vettier

      As game developer, who had to make the choice for my game, I know that if you're not F2P, you"ll not reveive the support you need from local publishers in many countries. So you will not be able to publish your game with decent advertising in asian or middle east territories as you'll be rejected.
      So I can easily understand the choice.


    I can't seem to find this game via android store, I saw the realease date was on March 3rd. Not sure why or what happened but I really want this game! Any help would be appreciated!