As it gets closer to the its international launch, Supercell is adding and rebalancing stuff like crazy in Clash Royale. The latest update hit this morning, and oddly enough includes basically everything that "leaked" a couple weeks ago. The Royal Giant, Three Musketeers, and other cards along with a new Legendary rarity have been added to the game along with a whole new arena, a single player Training Camp, and there's even 3D Touch support now for people who are lucky enough to be rocking the newest iPhones.


There's been a number of balancing tweaks as well, with a few buffs and nerfs, the coolest of which is doubling the experience gain from donating rare cards to clan mates. That goes from 5 XP to 10 XP, which makes being in a clan (and being generous) all the more important if you want to level up quickly.

If you're not fiddling around with Clash Royale yet, you really should. Carter wrote up an in-depth guide on how to play soft launched games like Clash Royale and the process is super simple. All of your cards and progress will sync over when the game launches worldwide next month, so you might as well get a head start on building your collection. I'm pretty sure Clash Royale is going to be a big deal.

  • Gamer1st

    I'm just glad I can play it again after the last update killed it at the 48% loading point every time I tried to start the game on my iPad air.

  • Mr_ C_

    One of the biggest points in the update is that you can now save three decks. This was a huge hole in the game until now.

    • PallaZ

      But this does confuse me.

      • bluechipps

        Lol! Never gets old 🙂

  • Khairul Ramli

    How can i update my clash royale??

    • speedyph

      Go back to the Canada App Store and do it I had too this morning !😀

  • limajo2

    I can't log into Game Center to link Clash Royale. I'd hate to lose my progress when they launch here in U.S. Anyone else having issues, or any suggestions?

    • PallaZ

      It's not synced via Game Center. Android doesn't have GC but you can sync your progress on iOS and Android.
      Just use the sync function in the options.

      • limajo2

        I tried linking up within the game and get a blank screen when Game Center comes up (using iOS 9.2.1). Even tried opening Game Center on its own and same thing - blank screen. Matter of fact, none of my games will link anymore.

      • Cheetah479

        Limajo, i had also a blank GC screen. I have restarted my device. Problem solved.

  • mkdms14

    If there is one suggestion to make it would be the drop rate for epic cards. Been playing for 2 weeks level 6 and I still only have 1 level 1 epic card being the witch which I don't even use at all. It's more difficult to compete with other people who are in seminar levels and they are rocking 2-3 epic cards at level 2+.

    • xelasnewo

      Wow are you serious? Ive gotten about 10 from chests from my time and Im lvl 8. Maybe you should buy some from the shop

      • Kudos

        Random is random. For every person who gets regular epics, some poor schmuck is at the opposite end of the spectrum. Like the above poster said, you should consider buying them from the store. That's what I was doing before I un-installed the game. Donate heavy to clan members and buy the epics you want from the shop when they appear.

  • justcallmedewey

    Wish I could play it in the US

  • NevinWeekend

    Did they change the pricing structure?? I notice there are $30 and $75 packages now...

    • PallaZ

      Yes, they introduced new treasure chests which contain more cards.

  • Joan191

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