Crescent Moon Games is as busy as ever and have just officially announced their latest upcoming project, an adventure puzzle game developed by Mgaia Studios called Legend of the Skyfish. As Crescent Moon notes in our forums, Legend of the Skyfish has obvious influences like The Legend of Zelda but it's also going for a hand-painted look inspired by the fantastic puzzler Gesundheit! [$3.99] which featured the wonderful art of Matt Hammill. The other interesting thing that sets Legend of the Skyfish apart is that the main character's weapon is a fishing pole which can be used as both a sword and as a grappling hook to swing from tiny island to tiny island in the game, as well as to "hook" enemies and pull them closer.


The teaser image above is all Crescent Moon is showing at this point, but if you check out the Mgaia Studios Facebook page there's lots more little snippets of info and art to check out. Basically, Legend of the Skyfish has already shot up to be one of my most wanted games and I only just found out about it a few moments ago. Things are still in the early stages so there's no release window or anything just yet, but the thread in our forums is where the developers will be posting updates as progress moves along, so definitely keep your eye on this one.

  • Based Xatu

    I stopped getting hype over anything crescent moon releases, since a few months back. They always feel like there was a lot of potential, but no full follow through.

    • Jared Nelson

      Your loss!

      • sobriquet

        ^ *drops the mic and walks off stage*

  • TouchMint

    Wow this looks cool!

  • eventide

    Looks pretty decent. Titan Souls-esqe

  • Stetch

    Hope this game isn't filled with empty environments. Looks amazing.

  • Gurney Halleck

    I could get into this! Love adventure games and digging on the Combat gif.. Though, with Crashlands and 9th Dawn 2 in my playlist, it's hard to see finding the time. Here's hoping that it can be awesome enough to pull me away for a spell!