The folks at Nanoo Company are readying two new games following the release of their debut title Tap Quest: Gate Keeper [Free] in July of last year. The first game is a hack 'n slash RPG called Dark Sword which we checked out last month, and the second game is a more lighthearted affair called Exit Hero which they began talking about in our forums this week. In Exit Hero, your job is to escort people out of a building that's being overrun with zombies by using conga line mechanics like Snake, your dodging ability, and an axe. Check out this very early teaser trailer. Oh, and the music is all placeholder, so don't get too attached.

While the premise behind Exit Hero sounds neat enough for a mobile game, the thing that's really standing out to me from the trailer is the excellent animations and designs of the unlockable characters in the game. It's almost like you're watching a little cartoon as you watch them all run around the zombie-filled rooms. There are more than 30 different heroes to unlock and a whopping 99 levels to play through. Exit Hero is slated for release sometime in March, so look for more on it soon.

  • TimTim92

    I NEED the music with it!