As promised, Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed: Identity has started rolling out on the App Store. As of this writing, there's a bit of a weird wrinkle though: We've scanned through a bunch of common iTunes regions and it seems like so far it's only available in India? But, hey, at least you can check out the screenshots, right? It's ₹ 300, which should be roughly $4.99 in the US App Store when it finally appears.


We've got a thread in the forums for the game, but so far everyone is just as confused as we are. Anyway, if you're looking to grab this game when it appears tonight, it's good to clean off some space on your iOS device. It's a 1.15GB download which likely means you're going to need at least 2.3GB free to install the game. Also, per the iTunes listing, the game does have IAP, but until it appears in other regions or someone materializes with an Indian iTunes account, it's hard to say what that IAP even is.

  • cabuckn

    So ready to try this

    • Samurix16


    • H4nd0fg0d

      It was an awesome game when I played it like 10 months ago. Was very polished even in soft launch and controlled like a dream.

    • JudasKain

      This needs to backstab my wallet right NAO!

  • Amenbrother

    No timers as its premium right!?!?!

    • Eli Hodapp


      • Amenbrother


    • ODMay

      Yea, Eli said in the article that it should be roughly $4.99 in the U.S.

    • gleeclub

      please no timers

      • M1STR

        What are timers? i didnt play the soft launch.

  • drewpoc

    Patiently waiting...:)

  • ODMay

    Glad they didn't make it Nintendo DS-esque.

  • Martymcsmartie

    So I'm definitely intrigued. I've lost a bit of love for the main franchise on console and PC, but would love to see a cracking version on my iPad/iPhone......!

    • Firedog5698

      I have to agree I stopped playing the main games

  • gwarmaxx

    only india, what are you talking about??? i can't understand, i have the game since end of october 2015!!! or is this one another version?

    • sticktron

      It soft-launched in September 2014. This is the final product launch.

      • gwarmaxx

        yeah i know, and freemium, but it's not a totally new app and always unavailable , there has been for a year the soft launch to try...

  • shining jade

    So it went from a freemium version to a premium uh ... Ok now .. What's changed? Is it offline playable ? Timers?

  • Hoodin

    It shows up as a result when you search it in Canada, but doesn't seem to be available yet. Shouldn't be long now though!!!

  • TripMX

    Can anyone confirm that this FINAL BUILD is playable OFFLINE?

  • curtneedsaride

    I wonder if I should jump on this bandwagon like I did with Assassin's Creed Pirates, when I spent $6.99 on it... months before it went F2P. I wonder how long before this one will eventually go F2P. The only reason I feel it will go the same way as Pirates is that there is IAP in it. It makes sense, but the question is whether I'll pay now to play it or wait until it's free to download.

    • JaytB

      I know I've seen that name before (hint: Twitch streams from the UK). I will buy this game no matter what. It feels like I've been waiting for ages for some premium AAA title to come around on mobile. All those minimalist/retro swipey tappy games just don't cut it for me anymore. I've been longing for something more visually appealing, as in console/PC-like, to dive into. The last game I really enjoyed on iOS was Monster hunter, and we all know how that turned out. At the moment I'm more of a PC gamer but still, I hope Assassin's creed can scratch that mobile itch for me.

      Anyway, I get your point, why risk wasting money on something that can possibly be offered free after a while? If I continued wasting money on games I never ended up finishing or that went free after a while, I would think twice before spending anything again. I'm not in that situation now, so I'll take the risk. But yeah, if you've been burned one too many times, your safest bet is to wait and see if it's any good. If it's good, who cares that you spent 5 bucks on it, right?

      • curtneedsaride

        JaytB! Man, I miss monster hunting with you all. I rarely do it online anymore.

        Yeah, I'm leaning towards paying for this one to have "early" access. 😉 I mean, I'm tired of seeing AC games come and go (AC from Gameloft, then AC2, AC Multiplayer, AC Recollection, etc.). I've actually spent a little more money on Pirates even after they burned me because, man, they've continued support for that one way past when I thought they would.

        Maybe they'll keep this premium, maybe they won't. But you're right. There's probably too much AAA fun to be had right now to miss out.

      • JaytB

        Oh, those Monster hunting days! Miss them too bud. I got locked out because of the whole iOS 9 fiasco and my refusal to jailbreak my phone. Some Asian friends recently informed me that their version of MHFU has been fixed for iOS 9 and that Capcom said they would most probably release the fix worldwide around April somewhere. If that ever happens, I'll give you a shout if you want to join up with some hardcore hunters 😉

        Anyway, I really hope assassin's creed is any good. I have to admit I don't have all too high expectations but secretly hope I get swept away. We'll know soon!

    • Jared Nelson

      Since this game did so poorly in soft launch as a free to play game, and in one of the developer videos they said that the didn't like the negative reaction of fans to the free to play model, I don't think they'd end up switching course again down the line. Have a sale or something? Absolutely, that's only a matter of time. But a full back-to-free-to-play switch? My gut says no way.

      • Jamesrooney27

        I hope you,re gut right 😉

      • curtneedsaride

        That'd be nice. But the big point is did they just take the same f2p structure and slap a $5 price tag on it and take off a few IAPs? So by people complaining, they just get charged $5 instead of downloading this freemium title for free instead. Everything I've read and watched, it just looks like Pirates all over again. We'll see once their sales drop off.

  • ineptidude

    It was still full of timers and had 3 different kinds of in-game currency when I was playing the soft launch last week. I don't know where this AAA premium nonsense is coming from. I can't see what has changed now because the server requires the updated version (oh yeah did I mention it's always online?) and I don't have the rupees to get it.

  • Kehshsidhdudh5

    Will this support the iPod touch 5th gen?

    • Samurix16


  • Slovak Gamer

    why would it only be available in india? im willing to bet half the people there dont even know what assasins creed is.

    • Nekko

      What are you trying to say? "I'm willing to bet half the people there don't even know what Assassin's Creed is." Anyways, it's not going to permanently be only available in India, it's just a soft launch. The rest of the world will get it soon.

    • Rohan Singhal

      Lol About 75% of the gamers here know what assassins creed is .

  • boydstr

    Don't torture me!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jakeopp

    Did they ever add any storyline to this game?

  • Remote_

    Finally out in the UK.

  • tomj315

    I have just checked, it is now available in Israel.

  • Peter321

    Out in DK too

  • Peter Bohanna

    hi.. ready to try this but only have an ipod touch 5. has anyone tried to play it on this device yet? will the game play? read it requires iphone 5 and up just wanna be sure abt the ipod 5 before buying it.. cheers