Behind the back runners are so… behind the back, you know? With so many endless runner games in the world every new one needs to find something to do that makes them stand out from the pack. In the case of Fabled Realm's upcoming Jump Legends, that differentiating factor is a new perspective on the well-worn genre. They're taking things isometric with your character running to the left, more or less coming towards you. Levels also dynamically fly into place Bastion [$4.99] style, which is really cool. Check out the video.

We've seen other runners take a similar approach to perspective, with Cartoon Survivor [Free] being the most recent one that comes to mind. It's tough though, we're pretty darn conditioned to behind the back or side-scrolling endless runners, and as novel as changing up that formula can be it can also make the game harder to get the hang of. That said, I love seeing developers try new things, and Jump Legends looks like it could be a lot of fun. Check out the forums for even more info, and look forward to Jump Legends launching sometime early next month.

  • Philip Stroffolino

    Interesting - gives a better view of the player character.

    • Design by Adrian

      But also makes it harder for you to gauge your jumps! Let's see how this holds up.

  • Fabled Realm

    Thanks for the article Jared.

    Jump Legends is currently waiting for App Store review. All things going well release will be mid March.