The newest season of Better Caul Saul is currently airing and it's amazing, so this seems like a pretty good time to talk about this Breaking Bad mobile game that's soft-launched on iOS, right? You may recall that a trademark was filed in June of last year which hinted that some sort of Breaking Bad mobile game was in the works, and as it turns out that game is called Breaking Bad: Empire Business and it's been out in Australia (and possibly other territories) since November of last year, according to the App Store notes. However, it just recently was picked up by our forum members a couple of days ago. Perhaps the new season of Saul had them in the mood to go digging around in other countries' App Stores?

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Anyway, as you might have guessed, Breaking Bad: Empire Business is all about building and growing your own meth empire. While a free to play city builder isn't exactly the kind of thing to get me all excited, it looks like the Breaking Bad fan service runs pretty deep in this one. It features all the characters you know as well as plenty of famous locations from the show. Do you I want to be the kingpin behind a Los Pollos Hermanos empire that serves as a front for my massive meth operation? Um heck yeah I do! Given that this genre fits in so well with the world of Breaking Bad, that might be enough to get me interested in the tap-build-wait gameplay. Maybe. We'll see. If you have an AU App Store account and are interested in checking out Breaking Bad: Empire Business while it's in soft-launch, grab it with the link below and drop by the forum thread for some discussion.

Australian App Store Link: Breaking Bad: Empire Business, Free (Universal)

  • Touchmint

    Hmm interesting I didn't see this one coming.

  • Jake7905

    But is a meth empire really something to be proud of? (Channeling my inner Pinkman)

  • istako


  • skylined87

    Heisenberg lives!!! On my phone...well, not yet...need to make an AU account. Why couldn't this be an NZ soft launch, or hell just release it worldwide! Breaking Bad is popular enough that this is sure to be a guaranteed success.

    • nini

      Because you need an AU account to pair with your CA account so soft launches can never escape you.

  • Fireman4200

    Downloaded it, now when I open the app it says "LOC: A new version of the game is available. Please update in order to continue". I'm not seeing any updates and I've deleted/reinstalled the app a couple times now. What else can I do to get this game working? I really want to try this!

    iPhone 6S 128GB
    iOS 9.2.1

    • Jared Nelson

      Are you logged into the AU App Store?

    • bubby525

      I reinstalled the game and it works perfectly

  • bigrand1

    Any of you guys play this yet? Not available in US yet, and I'm hoping this is really good! Absolutely loved the show! Was SO addicted to it I couldn't get enough! One of the best all-time IMO! The writing was superb!

    • bubby525

      I've been playing it and it's basically like Simpsons tapped out or family guy the quest for stuff. The game it seems like to me is game of war so if you like games like that with a breaking bad theme than you'll love this.

  • Zangar

    Is it in Canada App Store?

    • nini

      No, just the Australian App Store.

  • pseudoart

    Heh, the "become the danger" screenshot has "test1" playing and what appears to be some odd numbers in it. It's a minor thing, but ...

  • hooy

    I’m giving this game Chicago sunroof award.

    • Jake7905

      S'all good man.

  • Exuare

    Got it and love it so far! Really cool to see the whole cast in the game 🙂 Wish they made a Southpark game like this