Roofdog Games, makers of some rather enjoyable free-to-play games like Pocket Mine 2 [Free], recently soft launched their next game, Fishing Break. While soft launches are unpredictable as to how long they'll last, the good news is that you don't have too much longer to wait to play the game if you hadn't nabbed an early promo code from the forums: the game goes worldwide this Thursday.

The game looks like another fun title from a consistent producer of fun titles, and who doesn't enjoy fishing games? Plus, you don't have to wake up early to play it like you do if you want to go fishing for real. It looks like some of the free-to-play aspects have been critiqued by early players and possibly tweaked over the past month or so for the global launch. There will be friend code trading for this one, too, so you'll have some fun with that, I'm sure. Check it out on Thursday, February 25th.

  • Slate

    Fun game and I appreciate the dev's interaction through the soft launch replying both in the forum and through Twitter. Best of luck with your launch.

  • baldeagle86

    GREAT game! Great developers who listened and fixed some things in the soft launch too, also NO TIMERS!! Unlimited fishing fun!

  • Alex Wolf

    Fiiiishy fiiishy fiiishy

  • H4nd0fg0d

    Super chilled game. Still loving it.