You may have heard of a game called Byte Rider [Free] which quietly released back in December and is an extremely stylish behind-the-back runner type game that takes place in a dystopian cyber future. It didn't reinvent the wheel of runners or anything, but was quite memorable for its incredible visuals and interesting universe that the game takes place in. Well the developer of Byte Rider, Trevor Von Ryan, has a new game coming that's in the very early stages but already it looks like something I desperately need in my life. It's called Uprising: ROFLPOCALYPSE, and it's a low-poly top-down dual-stick shooter with tons of destructible elements and gigantic robot feet smashing down from the sky. Seriously, check this bad boy out.

Uprising: ROFLPOCALYPSE is actually a tie-in mobile game for an indie movie that Ryan and his partner Ben Hansford are currently trying to crowdfund on Kickstarter. The movie is called 'Uprising - A Post-Apocalyptic Robot Comedy' and as described on its Kickstarter page it's about "Four lovable supernerds - yearning for respect - create an A.I. to win videogames. It gets loose and starts fragging humanity. Whoops." Here's the trailer for Uprising.

The movie looks pretty bad ass, but being an avid mobile gamer ROFLPOCALYPSE is where my true love lies. Plus ROFLPOCALYPSE is just plain fun to say. ROFLPOCALYPSE. The movie is pretty close to getting funded with 11 days to go, but it sounds like no matter if it makes its goal or not the mobile game will still be getting made. However, as a bonus for the Kickstarter, if they can reach 300 backers by Sunday morning they're planning on releasing the game for free. Incredibly, ROFLPOCALYPSE has only been in the works for a few weeks and it already looks amazing, so hopefully we'll be hearing more about this one in the coming months.

  • ImJPaul

    Yeah. This looks awesome.

  • Misguided

    Looks great, but I wonder about the use of the riff from Stevie Wonder's "Superstition". No idea if that music is even in the game or just the trailer, but I'd figure that song pretty expensive to license.

    • Modjular

      I noticed it too. I can't forget a tune like that after spending hours memorizing the trumpet part back in highschool. It was the bane of my junior year existence.

  • H4nd0fg0d

    Wow and damn!!! Looks super sick, I love it!

  • Ghostwalker

    Nobody uses ROFL anymore, not even ironically. This makes me sad.

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      • skylined87

        l33t h4x0rz w00tie 4nd t3h b10wf1sh

  • Rain1dog

    God this loooookkksss freaking amazing!!!

  • Chq

    Xenowerk looks better.


    Any updates?


    Any updates?