Phil Faily should have known this was going to happen. His last name was Faily. He came from an entire bloodline of people doomed to failure. Death is the ultimate failure for us all, but at least we all suffer it. So, when Phil Faily was driving his car, he should have known that one day, the brakes would break. And not only that, but they would break right before a turn that would lead him to careen off a cliff, where he suddenly finds himself running downhill, futilely trying to delay the impending doom he will suffer. And it won't even be dignified: he'll be flung violently from his car, his body coming to a stop in all sorts of weird contortions. And we'll laugh, and hope his misery is prolonged so that we can get more points in Spunge Games' upcoming Faily Brakes, releasing on February 25th.

The third game from the studio known for Cartoon Survivor [Free] combines an automatic-driving game (as your brakes have failed, natch) with Crossy Road [Free] style monetization. The physics of each vehicle will differ, so there's all sorts of crazy madcap things that can happen, and point bonuses for how far Phil gets flung. The game's pretty fun, and you'll be able to check it out as a free download next week on the 25th. There's a forum thread for the game if you want to discuss it there.

  • madreviewer

    Looks cool

  • Michael Gevins

    Another careen nonstop til you hit something harder than you game, sweet!