A few weeks ago, we wrote about Metal Slug Attack [Free], the sequel to Metal Slug Defense, and talked about how the sequel took the original and added pretty much everything but the kitchen sink (and there might be a kitchen sink mode somewhere in there, too). Well, the game is out now, so you can go check it out yourselves and judge whether the developers did well to expand the game or whether it's just a bit too much now. If you haven't read the earlier story, Metal Slug Attack includes a new support system, bases that can be stolen by rivals, new modes, special missions in Combat School, unit evolution and a unit leveling system, asynchronous battles with up to 3 decks each, 1-on-1 and 2-on-2 real-time battles, Guilds, and so on.

According to the trailer, the game now offers a deeper strategic challenge than the original, and I can see how that's the case. I don't know if you've played the original, but I think no one - including the development team - expected it to be such a hit. Most people initially saw it as a quick cash-grab that put the classic IP into a tower defense game, but pretty soon, I was seeing quite a few people play the game. It goes to show that sometimes direct ports aren't always the best idea and, perhaps, more developers should look to adapt older IPs into more mobile-friendly game genres. The game is free, so go check it out.

  • Qaioud

    Oh em gee!

    Free, you say?

    I remember back in the bad old days, when my best friend Jim and I would get wasted on cheap weed, head down to laserquest, and pump INFINITE QUANTITIES OF TWENTY PEE COINS into the Metal Slug arcade game.

    So amaze, that twenty years later, the socialist utopia of which we dreamed has come to fruition.

    And a new generation of teens can get wasted and enjoy metal slug for...


    • Qaioud

      "In app purchases," says the App Store listing.

      No in app purchases listed, though!

      I'm going to have to DL this JUST so I can see how vastly ginormous the most shocking one is.

      I'm wagering: somewhere between £79.99, and my least-used kidney.

      Hoping to be disappointed!

  • Robert

    All the loading screens get annoying


    Requires internet connection.

    • Design by Adrian

      Damn it... what do I have to do to have games I can play on the metro!

  • Lloyd Stang

    The last one had ridiculous in app purchase requirements for progression.

  • toby7ten

    I stormed my way through Defence without paying a penny. Maybe only people who actually played the game should be allowed to comment

  • siryami220

    I was interested until I saw "rivals" and "stealing bases". Not a fan of base/base builder elements. They almost always end up being a multiplayer thing.