After our initial post about Extreme Gear: Demolition Arena at the end of last month, it was pretty clear that I wasn't the only one looking forward to a Destruction Derby-like game on my iOS device. People seemed pretty excited for the game and many had questions about it, so a few days later developer Zero Games released a very cool Q&A video where they went over many of those questions and explained more about EG: DA. They promised that more developer videos like that would be coming, and boy they weren't kidding. Since that Q&A video a couple of weeks ago, there have been 3 more videos detailing the game since. I'm going to just go ahead and embed them all here for your viewing pleasure. The first video covers the characteristics of the various vehicles and their destruction, while the next two videos each cover specific arenas that will be in the game: The Hangar and The Skatepark. Enjoy!

I absolutely love the two videos about the arenas, and I appreciate that the developers at Zero Games have put a lot of thought into what each arena can do. Like the Hangar being a huge open space so that cars can build up speed. And the Skatepark? That thing's just crazy. I love that you can earn points by pulling off stunts instead of just trying to wreck your opponents. Extreme Gear: Demolition Arena is looking better each time I see it, and I really can't wait for its arrival next month. If you're similarly excited, be sure that you're following the discussion in our forums where the developers are active, and look for even more developer videos leading up to the game's release.

  • Bloodangel

    Looks good n fun.... Pop up on other cars in the hanger...needs some work though

    • lukey89

      Agreed, hopefully with their remaining time, they can squash all the bugs and popin

      • Pierre-Luc Vettier

        Hello !! I'm one of the game developer !!

        The gameplay videos contain many bugs that will be fixed for release. We can't promise that all bugs will disappear but you must see an improvement 🙂

  • bossjaja

    Looks awesome, except apparently it's F2P. Unless it's a pay-once-to-unlock-full-game kinda deal, I'm afraid it's gonna be a microtransactions thing instead :/

    • Pierre-Luc Vettier

      Yes it's F2P. But you'll be able to unlock everything by just playing regularly without problems. Paying or viewing ads videos is an option for people who want to unlock everything more quickly. We really think our F2P model is smooth. At least if people don't think it is, we will fix it for the first update.