Sky Force 2014 [Free] is one heck of a vertical shooter which our own Shaun Musgrave liked quite a bit in his review of the game. The 2014 release was a huge leap over the original Sky Force which launched in 2004, and it's looking like Sky Force Reloaded is going to be another similar leap. Check out the just-released teaser trailer:

As mentioned in our forums, the game is two or three months out from release and it seems like it's just going to be a bigger/badder version of the game we already love. It's also coming to basically everything, as they list iOS, Android, TV's (Apple TV?) and PC's as launch platforms.

Anyway, Infinite Dreams makes some rad games, so this one is definitely worth getting excited for.

  • Sabaki

    Bring it on Donkey Kong!

  • Matthew

    Can't wait! 2014 was a great version and this looks like it will be amazing!

  • Von Strubel

    Pleeeease Apple TV!!!

  • Kotovsky


  • madreviewer

    Here we go

  • GamerFirst1



    Master of Shmups!

  • lezrock


  • H4nd0fg0d


  • limbo

    Oh my god I am the happiest man on earth

  • ChilLama

    Nostalgia!!!! Does anybody else remember Deimos Rising? That awesome free game that came with macs a while back?

    • Spudboy

      Of course.

  • Spudboy


  • Anotherkellydown

    Great news! 'Reloaded' just jumped to the top of my most anticipated mobile games of 2016. It'd be rad if this ended up on Xbox Live as well!

  • NPeart

    I liked the first one(s), but this seems to be very much the same game.

    • Spudboy

      I hope so.

  • xxAcesHighxx

    This could be amazing... Just please make it a premium game!

  • witedahlia

    Can't wait for this. Love the 2014 one. Bring it to us quickly please 😁

  • gnome9er

    hey guys i just realized that ive had this game installed on my ipad for quite some time now it just appeared put of no where. its the same icon but its blue and the game is basically the same except very very hard and the levels
    seem to
    repeat themselves.. i dont know how or why the game installed and i could never find it in the app store. anyone else?

  • Fan

    I need K-Rally!!!!!!!!!!