I like Alto's Adventure [$4.99] quite a bit; what it lacks in craziness when compared to a game like Ski Safari, it makes up in moodiness and introspection. Today, the game has finally jumped over the iOS slope and landed on the Android side, but with a very interesting change from the iOS version; the Android version is F2P rather than the $2.99 it (still) costs on iOS. Why this discrepancy you might ask? Well, according to a recent Ryan Cash and Noodlecake interview, while the game retains the same gameplay and structure as the iOS version, it's F2P primarily because of how much of an issue piracy is on Android compared to iOS, especially in the case of premium titles that charge more than $0.99 (a very interesting definition of a premium title, but that's a different story for a different day).

When Noodlecake ported Wayward Souls over to Android, only 11% of the game's installed copies were paid for, which shows the current reality of the Android platform. To avoid such issues with Alto's Adventure, they've made the game F2P with opt-in video ads and a single IAP that doubles the coin you collect (much like Crossy Road). The other reason the game went with this monetization model according to Noodlecake was because it has to compete with all the F2P games in countries like China and Japan.

The iOS version will stay at its current price (which, let's face it, is still really cheap) for the foreseeable future. Regardless of the change in monetization models, Alto's Adventure is still a fantastic game that Android players should definitely get. You can download the game here.

[via The Verge]

  • dancj

    It's rare, but on odd occasion, Android owners have it better.

    • Bliquid

      Tbh, i'm happy i paid for it, and ads in a game like this, which is very much about mood and immersion, well i'd never have them.
      Also, as the article points out, it's not like you have to sell your house to play this game on ios.

  • madreviewer

    They do have a lot more free games than iOS user
    They have
    Gorgeous and dangerous
    Break down
    All free
    And a lot more
    And their Game Center is working properly

    The reason the android market is infested by piracy is that it can be accessed by cheap phone. And those phone are bought by people in third world country who can't afford for the game.
    On the other hand an iOS device will more likely be owned buy a buyer who can afford an iTunes gift card ( there are exceptions)

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      Is this a poem?

      • Qaioud

        Is this a question?

      • Qaioud

        If this is an answer, then that was a question.

        Allegedly 👍

      • Just4today1125


    • Tallgeese

      Pi-ra-cy it is
      .More of a symp-tom than cause
      .That is my hai-ku
      .(thank you)

      • madreviewer

        Hai ku - braVO!

    • Dankrio

      People can buy a phone and can't buy a 3 dollar game? Come on!

      If the person couldn't aford the cellphone in the first place it would be a different story. Most don't pay not because they couldn't afford (which would be understandable), but because they feel the game should be free. "Why pay if I can have it for free?". It is a sense of entitlement.

      Also, people don't need to have 1000000 games on the cellphones. Few quality games is all that is needed, because most won't have the time to play them all anyway.

  • fabell

    When a game like Alto's Adventure costs $2 and someone still thinks it's better to steal it, that proves piracy to be nothing more than a virulent disease. However, when movie companies are still selling digital copies of their films for $20 and $30 then piracy seems to be a natural result of the age we live in. Greed seems to be the centerpiece of both.

    • spedav

      I know I'm in the minority here but I pirate almost every game first and if I like it I buy it. Just did this with Crashlands after trying it out for 10 minutes. Lol. I've wasted hundreds over the years on games that's end up being terrible. Personally I wasn't a fan of this game and deleted it shorty after pirating it. I'm curious what their bought/pirated ratio is for iOS?

    • MajesticLobster

      I completely agree. Alto costs $3....less than a round trip local bus ride. I've been playing it since Christmas, and I have a few more achievements to beat....I more than got my money's worth. As far as the "free" idea, I don't see watching ads as a worthwhile trade off. Advertising is in our faces around the clock, every day in every medium. I prefer focusing on the game, not trading away my life 30 seconds at a time.

      • Tallgeese

        I would assume one of the Android IAP allows you to disable ads. The only IAP I can see on Google Store is 3.99 for items (I assume any purchase removes ads).

    • schail

      Fabel the movie case does not make much of a sense. The price is set by the content provider. If you dont like to pay up front just wait it out until they drop the price. Does not give anyone to steal what other people have put immense effort to make. I do not feel sorry people that get sued for a huge sum for pirating. Movies or any contents for that matter are not essential but more like a luxury. You dont get to enjoy it if you cant pay it. Simple as that. Pirating=Absolute greed on any occasion

      • Tallgeese

        What if the movie or series you want to watch is not available otherwise in the country you're in? Like if I wanna watch new anime? I don't wanna be the laughing stock of my nerd cabal! ぜつぼうした!

      • Tallgeese

        Wot if you know the movie is absolute toss, tho, mate!? Like reeeeeeeal bad. Like Expendables 2 bad...? Like you watched it on the leeg but you wish you hadn't bad? ------- tossers...

      • Tallgeese

        What if you lived in China where they had insane amounts of censorship, like you previously couldn't watch Star Wars in China because it has ghosts in it. True story. Also they add ---- to their movies like alternate scenes where Iron Man says his power comes from the ----ty milk they drink because they were trying to get people to go back to drinking it after there was an adulteration scare...

      • Tallgeese

        What if you were a soldier overseas and you really wanted to play Assassin's Creed or Farcry but you couldn't because of Ubisoft's always on American internet connection required Uplay DRM?

      • Tallgeese

        What if you already owned physical copies but wanted digital copies to save space/bring on trips/you didn't trust people you lent things to? Or were Google and took everything you could from libraries, scanned them, and made Google books, now every book's text is searchable thanks to Google's grand theft librato.

      • Tallgeese

        What if you had a completely fictitious disease where you ate movies through your eyeballs but you had no money and no one understood your medical condition cuz this Twilight Zone/Outer Limits?

      • Tallgeese

        What if actual pirates took hostage and threatened to kill the president's daughter unless you, yes, you, personally went to, videoed, and uploaded the pirates favorite 1D concert that they couldn't be at because it was the same time as their My Little Pony convention and you needed to buy John McClane and Samuel L. more time to find and eliminate them?

  • Tallgeese

    And it's not like we don't have premo/paid games on iOS changing from buy to F2P/G2P and infuriating the heaven out of early adapters/early access people. Can't as easily claim piracy is the main problem regarding those cases.

    • madreviewer

      Well the market is changing
      Freemium rule the AppStore

  • Tallgeese

    And piracy is a complicated topic obviously. Neil Gaiman has a good video regarding piracy if you google "Neil Gaiman on piracy." In summation he used to be against it, but then he found that piracy actually paradoxically helped him sell more books. Some pirates will buy things they think are fairly priced, to support those they think deserve it, and especially like it when something they like is shareable. Also there are special cases, like I read the only way you can get the OG star wars trilogy that is unaltered by Lucas's ridiculous CGI additions is piracy. No One Lives Forever 2 isn't commercially available, people want to buy it and play it, can't so they only have one option left to experience it.
    .Gamers historically really like to be able to share games, cheat codes, info, art, etc., because they used to be able to do it, "this game is really great, I 'own' it (a copy rather, but it's portable and giveable), I'd like to share it with you." We can still do that, it's just sometimes more expensive to buy separate copies, and I don't want to get into inequality, but people also are changing their notions of worth.
    .Alto is a worthwhile game, but there are so many other free alternatives to Alto, I can freely watch professionally made youtube videos, or browse free professionally made art on DeviantArt, or read free professionally made articles regarding my favorite topics and not have to pay anything (well, there's technically the opportunity cost and a personal data cost) to the creators of that content. We've turned to things like Patreon to support these people if we deem it worthy and if we can.
    . And obviously some people out there don't think about any of this and just gobble what they can. Like I said it's a complex issue. There that's my cogent contribution for the month.

  • Tallgeese

    Oh and two more things (great now it's like an episode of Columbo). Brad Pitt himself (although he'd never need to) said if you pirate, to pirate in protest (I'm paraphrasing, his new rules for the future can be found via Wired).
    .And I still can't get f.lux (the gods-sent blue light altering free software that keeps your computer screen from keeping you up at night) for my iPhone without pirating and hacking it (I assume because Apple is trying to figure out of they can "Sherlock" it (if you're unfamiliar with the term used in that manner, it's when a big company with lawyers pirates from a little one) or some other nefarious reason (like how Jobs and other tech company heads had a "special deal" where they wouldn't attempt to poach computer talent by having a secret pay ceiling, an "understanding among gentlemen" to subvert the competitive capitalist system when it was convenient for them to not have to pay the people actually make the thing they were selling more, is that piracy? No just dbaggery...). Android and Amazon have allowed for some version of that shizzle for forever. Get your shiP together, Apple!

  • Edwin Ramirez

    Only 11%!!! That's great news! Android is becoming more and more profitable 😀

  • Noah

    I want an iOS iAP to double my coins!!