During a livestream event unveiling the third season of Kanye West's clothing line Yeezy, the international rap artist and notoriously humble celebrity also unveiled the first footage of his forthcoming video game, which he briefly talked about during a radio interview almost a year ago. The game is called Only One: The Game, and it's about Kanye's late mother Donda traveling through the gates of Heaven. It's actually a very visually beautiful looking game, surprisingly enough. The game announcement starts at about 1:40 in the video below (contains NSFW language, fyi):

Mobile gamers may recognize the name of Kanye's game, as there's already a mobile game called Only One [Free] by developer Ernest Szoka. Could this be the beginnings of a mega-celebrity/solo indie developer legal showdown? Probably not, but it is kind of funny. There's no details about what you do in Only One: The Game gameplay-wise, nor have any platforms been confirmed yet, but I have a good feeling it'll be a mobile game of some kind. When more news hits about this we'll let you know.

[via Polygon]

  • H4nd0fg0d

    Umm, I'm not even gonna go there...

    • nkx

      Wow! Lol is this a joke?

  • Corky McButterpants

    Pegasus' wings attached to the horse's ass... some kind of metaphor I'm not quite grasping. Fish sticks anyone?

  • ImJPaul

    I'm so confused?

    • Timmy2x

      Me too?

      • Ann0ying

        So am I?

  • xelasnewo

    This literally made me laugh out loud

  • JudasKain

    Ummm ok. Graphics look good, music sounds good... Let's not toss toss the game without actually seeing what it is.

    • Poo


    • Woooooooo!

      Another reason to make this scumbag family rich... Thanks A lot OJ

      • Design by Adrian

        Well apparently he has a debt of over $50 million, and beggs on Twitter to Mark Zuckerberg for some donations.

    • Hexyz

      LOL. What? "Let's not toss the game without actually seeing what it is."

      It's from Kanye. Are you out of your mind? It's going to be all of the following:

      Race-baiting. (All Angels and God are Black, blah blah blah. Anyone who isn't Kanye sucks, blah blah blah. ) All about Kanye, Kanye's family, or something to do with Kanye.

      He's a selfish egotistical asshat.

      He has a clothing line. (If you can call it clothes)
      He has shoes. (Again.. see above..)
      He makes music. (Uh, raps, and just really vomits hate..)
      Did I mention he's a selfish egotistical asshat?
      Oh, and he wants to run for President.

      Graphics look awful. Music sounds bad. It just overall appears to be BAD.

      • http://matt-curtis.me/ Matt Curtis

        LOL, all the angels being black, etc., is *not* race baiting. At that point it's just artistic license, at the most. You could call angels/'God' being white in every western depiction race baiting by your definition as well

        Not that I'm defending Kanye, I don't care for him that much either

      • Hexyz

        Sure is, coming from Kanye, who stated that Taylor Swift shouldn't have won and Beyonce should have. You can't see what was going on there, really? Especially since some of his songs are blatantly racist.

        Western religious-types have applied their own rendition. Same as those who believe that God is a female, or other religions, for that matter, believing in their own form of God.

        My comment about race baiting was two-fold. The Angels/God comment as well as "Anyone who isn't Kanye." Again. T-Swift and Beyonce.

      • http://matt-curtis.me/ Matt Curtis

        From my point of view, I don't see any indication that The Taylor Swift/Beyonce/Kanye incident was race baiting, or racially motivated. I can't make that assumption because I don't have sufficient evidence to support it either way (putting aside that this is all speculation anyway.) However, what it became beyond the original statement Kanye made was definitely at least partially a racial thing, at least in some peoples' minds.

        I personally think that Kanye said Beyonce was a better artist and should've won because *he* honestly thought (and let's be honest, Kanye's ego causes him to exalt his personal opinion over pretty much everyone else's) she was the better artist, not because Taylor Swift was white. Maybe that factored into it, dunno - but if that was the case, Kanye's had ample opportunity in other cases to pull something similar, or make a similar statement in similar award shows/etc. To my knowledge, he hasn't. Who knows, it could still have been a scripted/publicity stunt.

        But it sounds more like you're saying that anyone who adopts, or re-interprets an existing idea that deviates from the accepted or status quo interpretation of that idea is some way 'baiting', which I think is a bit of a stretch.

      • bigrand1

        Agreed! Ha! Couldn't have said it better myself!! @#+% Kanye! Nothing but an asshole clown! Would never give him any of my money! Guys' the biggest POS loser!!!!!!!! Hope he rots you-know-where!

      • Wolf Crown

        Gonna ignore what you said about Kanye and stay on FOCUS: You think every game relies on Graphics you're an idiot. You expect this shit to be Frostbite material when it's this mans 1st game. But look at Entwined "PS4" — games can be simple as shit and still nice.

        Music is bad? I mean it's calming in my opinion. He wants to remix his music for his game then gg be creative woohoo.

        You just hate on Kanye so you won't ever give anything he produces any praise, If I told you The next Fallout DLC - COD - BF was gonna be on with Kanye's idea (Whatever that may be) you'd prob talk mad shit about the games Whether Kanye touched that part of the game or not but yeah man

      • Beastly beast

        To be fair, I can guarantee that Kanye has next to no hand in the actual development of this game.

        Kanye invested in a team to create it.

        Kanye likely only provided the concept. You can do that when you have cash.

      • swordandspoon

        Is it more weird to have all the angels be black than to have them all be white?

      • boydstr

        Don't make this a race issue even when he's follow that pad it's not a reason for us to do the same.

    • indoguju

      no thanks religitard game

  • Alyce Kat

    Whyyy. Who on earth would be stupid and/or desperate enough to work with an idiot like Kanye West? That's all I'm going to say, even though there's a lot more I'd like to.

    • Anonomation

      Someone who likes money

    • Based Xatu

      He's very outspoken and opinionated, but he's from an idiot.

      • H4nd0fg0d

        Sorry but he is the idiot that defines all idiots. Never have I seen someone so utterly topped up with their own self righteous BS.

      • Wolf Crown


      • Themagicjesus

        No he is a pretty big idiot too

    • Reckall

      The character of a creative person often has nothing to do with the quality of his output. Maybe the creator of our favorite game is an ass in real life, but since to us is only a name and not a media celebrity we will never know that.

      I'm not comparing The Sistine Chapel with an iOS video game, but check a bit who Michelangelo was in RL... No one would look at his paintings ever 😀

      • Modjular

        Phil Fish comes to mind

    • Ann0ying

      If he'll ask me to hang out - I'll decline. If he gives me money and ask to develop something for him - I'll surly will.

    • Hexyz

      The same idiots who worked with Kim Kardashian and other artists to make their video games. And then the zombies came out in droves and bought stuff.

  • Poo

    Yeeeaaaahhh and he said Cosby is innocent.

  • tommet

    What a putz.

  • DrlRage

    This looks awesome! 😮

  • Gray Games

    Temple run with energy and consumables

  • hoodwinkedfool

    Hey good on him for actually making a game that looks good and doesn't look like some sort of cash grab.
    Plus he's expressed anger towards IAP in the past so it probably won't even be F2P.

  • Milotorou

    Do you like fish sticks ?

    • H4nd0fg0d

      Shoes without shoelaces?

  • nini

    I still think the loss of his mother really screwed with his mental health severely, this seems harsh but this game sounds like the outpouring of a man who is in a lot of pain but is avoiding all help, like his world fell apart when she died and hasn't been able to get the pieces back together. He's not stupid, he's just in a dark place and I don't even like the guy very much.

  • Furkan Karaosmanoglu

    OMG, what does that man know what gamers do like.. Go make your music or something.. I can definitely tell this game will be crap!

  • Ann0ying

    That must be the only way I'll ever experience what's heaven like.

  • shizzyfab

    Lol most of y'all don't know Kanye was in the gaming industry before he got famous.

    • bigrand1

      Who cares....... 💩

  • Wolf Crown

    Kanye has so many haters man it's crazy. Probably why he feels like a god— here are the non believers ha

  • Reign

    At this point it looks more like concept rather than a full game I mean is it even in game engine? Hard to tell. Maybe it's good my e it's bad depends on the writers and development team rather than kanye's endorsement, I mean let's remember please people Kanye is only going to be endorsing or producing (funding) the game and offering what he wants to see in the game. So to say that it will be bad cuz kanye's name is under it is quite silly tbh. Now I'm no Kanye fan in fact far from it but haters go hate comes to mind when I see most of these comments. From the look of the video the music isn't actually in game music as Kanye says do u have the music 2 implying a sound track was playing the same time the game was being shown.

    My comment is simple maybe the game will be shit or maybe it will be really good, who knows but one thing is for sure it won't be good or terrible based on Kanye's input, so what's with the hate and negativity??

  • boydstr

    He thinks that everything he puts his name on is great it's looks cool but far from calling it a game.

  • Mekklesack

    It looks nice! I was worried it was going to be another one of those 2D celebrity simulators.