We've had our eye on the iPad port of Forbidden Desert since it was first announced back in November, and somehow the scheduled release of the game just barely slipped past our weekly Out Now post. However, we aren't ones to get all bent out of shape over a little tardiness, so we wanted to let you know that Forbidden Desert [$6.99 (HD)] for the iPad is now officially available. In this game you'll be working on an expedition team in the desert discovering and uncovering different parts of an ancient flying machine. Being the desert, you'll have to content with a lack of water and things like sand storms that can really interrupt your flow of discoveries. It's a cooperative game, so you'll actually be working with your teammates in an effort to recover the flying machine.

Forbidden Desert is designed for cooperative play for between 2-5 players, though there is a single-player mode which has you playing as multiple adventurers. This is the follow-up to 2011's Forbidden Island [$4.99 (HD)], which was another physical cooperative board game that was turned into an iPad game with great results. Both of these games were originally designed as physical card games by Matt Leacock and both iPad versions were developed by Button Mash Games. If you dug the physical version of Forbidden Desert, were a fan of Forbidden Island, or just like the idea of a new cooperative board game, check out this latest release for the iPad and see what folks in our forums have to say about it as well.

  • dancj

    And Forbidden Island is down to $2.

    I'm tempted, but I'm pretty sure I'd never actually play it. I've got the physical version (it's great) for when I've got people to play with - and when I haven't, I'm really unconvinced by the idea of playing a cooperative game on my own.

  • mrbass

    Played it with friend and finally beat it after losing 4 or 5 times. Now got a good grasp of each role and how to protect them and when. Love his much much more than Forbidden Island. Don't plan on buying the physical version as this just streamlines it so well.

  • mbourgon

    This is going to sound really minor, but can anybody tell me what happens when you lose? In Forbidden Island you get a short "YOU LOSE" video - and my daughter detests that and so we never play. But she happily plays the Forbidden Desert physical game, so I'm hoping I can buy it. (But she likes Forbidden Island physical, so it comes down to the YOU LOSE). Nitpicky ,alas, but that's where I am.