Five Nights at Freddy's has been a fascinating phenomenon to watch. The series of jump scare-centric horror games exploded in popularity, at which point all-around nice guy and FNaF developer Scott Cawthon decided to switch things up a bit with a strange almost Super Mario RPG spinoff of the series called FNaF World. FNaF World was released not long ago, and universally panned by players as being unfinished. Cawthon immediately issued an apology, pulled the game from Steam, and refunded all the sales to players.


Well, the updated version of FNaF World has appeared for free over on GameJolt for the PC. Originally we assumed that FNaF World would eventually make its way over to mobile like the rest of the FNaF games, but with how Cawthon has treated its launch and this whole, "Whatever, you can just have it for free" thing... It's super questionable if that will ever be the case with this game.

So, playing on your PC is probably your best bet. Thankfully, it won't cost you anything.

  • Aragorn01

    doesn't sound like this game is doing very well...

  • eventide

    Seems like everything about this game has been one gigantic fustercluck

  • Alyce Kat

    Not sure how I'm feeling about this one. On the one hand, FNAF World is what people weren't expecting and I really didn't expect to do great anyway. But the fact that he put it foot free on gamejolt... I don't know. It just makes me sad.

  • Michael Jarvis

    The bigger issue in this whole debacle is that the game is legit shit. It looks bad, plays poorly and is mechanically uninteresting.

    I think he simply wanted to do a different type of game but didn't quite understand that an RPG takes, you know, actual time to make. The UI alone is enough to force me to stop playing. Not to mention the frankly atrocious color palette. Speaks volumes to his skill as an artist. There was no darkness to hide the flaws in.

    He needed to step back and use that FNAF money to give himself a good couple of years or more to develop this game properly. Not just toss together assets as quick as he can pump them out regardless of quality.

    Oh well.

    • nini

      That's the issue, his skills haven't been great st any point. Look back through his work prior to FNAF and many look like FNAF World in terms of visuals and general game quality. Scott was a shovelware developer making mediocre to terrible game who got lucky with this animatronic jumpscare series because he could hide the graphical flaws in the dark, use simple mechanics and got a story going that the fans wrote a lot of for him. He's no scam artist or anything, he just got lucky and eventually that luck has to run out.... yknow, sometime after the filmed adaptation.

      • Andre Fairchild

        well, i dont think he got lucky (or maybe he kinda does). he found/ created a new type of horror game. spanning jumpscares and TONS of clones. which is what angry bird does. or what... what was that stupid hopping bird game that destroyed hundreds of phones? hopping bird?

        the difference is that the others went to polish their craft, create a company, become bigger. scott still just made his own thing. and created the exact same game over and over with improvements. tiny improvements.
        the fact that he created quite an amazing lore behind his game also added to his success. but after everything is finally divulged in FNAF 3. (or was it 2?) there is no more mystery to the game, and not many reason for people to play the game anymore.

        instead of honing his craft and trying to make a better-improved-new gameplay-creatively on his game. he instead trying to cash in on the FNaF brand and make a.... generic rpg.

        oh well. at least his storytelling earned him a movie adaptation

    • Frozen

      He used that money for something else for kids i believe and that is a really good thing the only reason why he rushed it is that he wanted to be with his family faster even check the ending in hard mode is better if he rushes it then do more years of working on the game it will just make him tired and make him waste a lot of time with his family.

  • Hexyz

    This game looks incredibly awful. It actually looks rushed. I actually saw someone do a FNAF World in 2D with better sprites and textures than this. Jesus. This is just bad.

  • Press2Play

    It should be name Five Days at Freddy's lol no mo nights.