The 2016 Taipei Games Show went down this week, and among one of the new games unveiled at the show was Soul of Eden from Implosion - Never Lose Hope [$9.99] developer Rayark. Similar to the recently soft-launched and phenomenally popular Clash Royale, Soul of Eden is something of a mishmash of base-building, strategy, MOBA and card-battling. Being from Rayark, the game also boasts some incredible visuals and fantastic character designs. Sci-fi Clash Royale anyone? Check out the trailer.

Rayark gives the nebulous release window of "summer 2016" for Soul of Eden, which feels like lightyears away after watching that trailer. Heck, it's release could be next week and it would still feel like forever. Not to mention that Rayark also has other title in development at the moment too, including a new rhythm game and a huge update to Implosion that should be dropping really soon. 2016 should be a big year for the Taiwanese developer, and I'm guessing Soul of Eden will be a huge part of that. Look for more on Soul of Eden as summer approaches.

  • Montanx HS

    Im thinking lots of devs are going to be hard at work on their Clash Royale clone or take on the new genre. At least if they are smart they will be.

    • Dinara

      I haven't played it yet but Clash Royale looks like the perfect mobile game. Jump in, play a few minutes and your done. I tried playing this and realized that playing a 20-30+ min match with my head tilted down on a tablet/phone isn't such a great idea. If I was gonna invest in that much time playing a moba I'll just play league, or better yet dota2 that has all their Heroes for free. But if Vainglory is a successful game that doesn't have tons of people quitting early (something I can imagine since it's so easy to do on a tablet or phone) then more power to them.

    • Based Xatu

      This game was announced way before clash came out, though- you can't really call it a clone.

      • oscar123967

        Yeah im a little sad people are viewing it as "a take on clash royale"

  • speedyph


  • H4nd0fg0d

    Wwwwwow!!! I want, I need!
    Couple enemies looked like Invid Shock units from the beloved Robotech. God I loved me some Robotech.

  • ImJPaul

    This is why I tempered my expectations. I wish them luck though. Great developer, just not my cup of tea.

  • WakenBake

    I will definitely play this when it comes out. Clash Royale is my favorite game on my phone right now so any clone I'm in for.

    • WakenBake

      Forgot to post this. The one thing that makes me not want this game is landscape mode. I love portrait on CR. Regardless I will still try it. that's just a negative.

      • Fangbone

        It's not a clone. Clash Royale just soft launched within the past few weeks. There's no way any developer could put together this much of a game in that timeframe. C'mon man!!

  • 陳昶安

    Many people might think this game just copys the gameplay of Clash Royale ,but they have secretly developed this game for a year.
    They originally planned to release the gameplay in summer ,
    and why they released it so early is that they want to clear up doubts since Clash Royale came up first.
    Sorry for my bad english.