Late January seems to be the time of year when every research/analytics firm on the planet is releasing their reports for the previous year, and we've been inundated with all sorts of them. Superdata published a nice and succinct report showing top digital revenue generating titles across console, PC, and mobile which seemed too crazy to not post. The tl;dr effectively is Clash of Clans [Free] and Game of War [Free] together made more money than the entire top ten console games list combined in digital revenues. That's absolutely insane to think about.

joosterizer_2016-Jan-26 1

There's basically no conclusion to be made here that won't make someone mad, so, read into the above chart what you will, particularly considering it's only counting digital sales. It's not a huge surprise to me that mobile is ripping it up so much, but it's wild to see Clash of Clans trailing on League of Legends, as the mega-popular PC MOBA has been the biggest game on the planet for a while now.

  • kiddj55

    I think the keyword here is *digital sales*. If you have anything that accounts for physical copies then I'd be stoked. For now, I'm just taking this article with a grain of salt.

    • Eli Hodapp

      That's what the article says. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Qaioud

        I, for one, am forever seeking out new cartridge disc USB tapes for my thurb generation iPhablet.

    • madreviewer

      ๐Ÿ˜Ž right

  • MrThickDick

    Simply put, stuff like this doesn't matter. It's good for them as a company but it doesn't affect anyone else at all. The type of people who waste money on these games don't play console games so those companies aren't losing money and shouldn't care.

    • icomma

      I wasted money on these games last war. However, I also wasted money on console games, PC games, and handheld games. I'm a little lost as to how spending some cash on Puzzle and Dragons automatically disqualifies someone from being a consumer of all other games. Does everyone who buys Blu-Rays spend their entire movie budget on them and never go to the theaters?

      • mindseyes

        Exactly what I wanted to point out coma......

    • Mike Walko

      I think it matters, in as much as companies look at these sales figures, and decide where to devote their resources, and if the games you like to play aren't in the correct sales chart, it trickles down to effecting you.

    • mindseyes

      yes Clans can't give there members and discounts on Gems with all those millions. This chart makes me want to stop playing.

  • Montanx HS

    Im just surprised devs even make console games anymore with numbers like this.

    • Eli Hodapp

      Well, it's digital revenue. Console games still make great money but the takeaway from this chart is you're fooling yourself if anyone in the console space isn't looking at these numbers and thinking they need more consumables, season passes, DLC, and other stuff they can sell... As people sure are buying.

      • Jon

        I thought its been established a while ago that its actually a small amount of people who contribute to the insane amount of money these F2P garbage games make? Like the once percenters of the gem community.......

      • mindseyes

        Eli ? Is there a pole or something against Mobile gaming ? Just seems like it's always so defended against console gaming . Yes mobile games can possibly be our next generation of games but console is always there and always will be. I use my iPad and iPhone more then all my consoles but it's still the simplicity of grabbing a controller and just playing sometimes without having to use a touch screen in your face or connect a wired USB single with my Bluetooth controller to make it like a console. Consoles are just easy and in sure they did make a ton of money as well. But it's definitely starting off faster then console gaming did . What's it been 6 years now since IOS started in not sure but it took time as well as consoles to get going . I just want games to make money who cares where it goes.

    • madreviewer

      Haha, because they have invested too much money in technology to make there game.
      They can't afford to take the risk
      And like me, console games aren't buying there crap about freemium is the future.

      • nini

        Okay, you're not buying it sure but the numbers say otherwise so unless the console makers want to keep getting smaller and smaller slices of the pie to satiate a few gamers then they'll still need to adapt to it.

      • mindseyes

        The console games are mostly all downloads now so they get it .

      • mindseyes


      • mindseyes

        Ha but these are huge guys EA and more not Indie developers I want to see a list with there console sales and digital and steam. Console makers know that digital is the new frontier. And freemium does suck I don't mind it for some games the offer DISCOUNTS LOL.....

      • mindseyes

        I would say mostly Nintendo was the one saying all this but now I heard they are making mobile and of coarse a starting with final fantasy. Nobody wanted to keep investing in there stocks because a they won't try mobile so they have to now.

  • Supaflyindie

    Seems like the more portable the gaming device is, the more revenue there is to be generated which makes sense (with the exception of handheld consoles). Or it could simply be that PC and mobile inherently have lower barriers to entry for gamers due to the fact that just about everyone owns both devices. Either way, the numbers don't lie!

  • Xexist

    I wonder if maybe its time for some of these companies to take mobile gaming a little more seriously?

    • madreviewer

      They did, with freemium- premium don't do great on mobile-

  • Wizard_Mike

    I'm not really sure this comparison is all that significant. Digital revenue for console games eventually hits a ceiling, because there is only so much DLC you can buy for them. Clash of Clans and Game of War don't have any ceilings on their potential revenue. You can spend money forever in those games.

    • madreviewer

      Yeah, it's the only reason they make more money. The whales

    • James

      Exactly. It's not about spending money for addition campaigns/content. It's about having to spend money to get through the never ending game.

  • nini

    It's still not great, I feel like a lot of the profit within mobile gaming is still pretty top heavy with a lot more below making less than the top 3 combined.

  • eventide

    Good for them. The PS4 has moved nearly 30 million consoles. How will it ever survive with such paltry numbers?

  • eventide


  • DemoEvolved

    1.3 billion in gemming past timers. The mind boggles.

    • James

      It does. It's a sad statement about our society these days.

  • Zaraf

    Why is Minecraft nowhere on any of those lists?

    • Tyler Durden

      Because that is a game that requires actual creativity and not just pressing buttons on a screen.

  • Themagicjesus

    Just sad

  • Teddy Chen

    People laughed at me in the forums when 2 years ago I told them that mobile games will take over their 3DS and PS Vita. It's good to see that I'm not wrong so far.

    • Jakeopp

      3DS & PSVita=Mobile games

      Phones became powerful/good enough to basically eat up that market for the most part

      • Jakeopp

        Wow that formatted horribly lol

  • Tyler Durden

    These freemium mobile games apps are dominated by whales, spenders, gemmers. They play these games because they can buy their way to the top to feed their own ego and addiction habits. Seriously, Candy Crush Saga.. who in their right mind spends money on a game like that.

  • Keyboard_Superstar

    This chart also gives a very solid reason why pure single-player games are going away (seriously, only Fallout 4?). They just don't print money like their multiplayer brethrens do, and boy do game companies love making as much money as possible!

    • delirium38

      A lot of of single player games did really well in 2015, but I take it most of those were physical copies and noy dogital downloads.

      • Deckard74

        I would presume that a rather large part of these PC sales were through Steam so digital ahoy!

    • Deckard74

      As well as The Witcher 3, Metal Gear Solid V, Batman Arkham Knight (albeit bugged to hell), Rise Of The Tomb Raider

      • Deckard74

        Hit post way too early, I was going to drop Ori and the Blind Forest in there too. I love both IOS and PC gaming platforms equally so to say that single player games are on the way out is somewhat blinkered.

  • eventide

    These articles are click bait IMO (as you even stated people aren't going to like it) BUT Crash Royale is just gonna add fuel to this sites fire as far as mobile vs console because it's going to rake it in with whales.

  • eventide

    *Clash Royale

  • delirium38

    Halo 5 made 400 million dollars global sales during it's first week.
    Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 made 550 million dollars global during it's first 3 days.
    Fallout 4 made 750 million dollars during it's first 24 hours.

    So yeah these numbers don't mean much if you only concentrate on digital downloads.

  • Afnan Acchan

    Damn i never heard half of those PC games.

  • bhornburg

    I think if you saw the corresponding advertising budget of these games it seems pretty logical where they fall on the revenue scale.

    Also, I know the new call of duty has IAP for "cod points" that I'm sure Activision doesn't report the revenue from, which I'm sure makes them a decent amount of cheddar.

    Fun numbers to look at regardless! Thanks for posting this data.

    • mindseyes

      Exactly minus all the clash commercials . Where they at

  • macish79

    The article is pointless without taking retail into account. There are no retail mobile games. On the other hand retail games still let you buy their additional digital content. Thats like comparing fruit sales but only looking at canned stuff and ignoring anything else, then implying canned crap is the best ever, because.

    Klick bait? No way... a comprehensive unbiased look at the current gaming market.. *cough*