Door Kickers 2If you like tactical games and you haven't played Door Kickers [$4.99 (HD)], then you're definitely missing out on one of the best of its genre on the App Store. And, if all goes well, we'll be getting an even better sequel in a few months time. First thing first, though. Door Kickers is a tactical turn-based/real-time game where you control a group of SWAT members in a variety of missions and campaigns. I really enjoyed playing the game, but if there was one drawback, it was the relative lack of environment variety and slightly conservative take on tactics (which made perfect sense in what is a simulation of SWAT actions).

Door Kickers 2

Developer KillHouse Games seems to agree with me since the upcoming sequel to Door Kickers tosses the SWAT manual out the window and goes for something more interestingDoor Kickers 2: Task Force North takes place in the Middle East with the player no longer controlling police units but, rather, Special Operations Teams fighting an elusive Terrorist Network. No more SWAT shields and tazers, the developers assure us; it's time for beltfed machine guns and frag grenades. You'll be controlling units such as the US Rangers and assets such as drones to take care of business. Unlike the previous game, Door Kickers 2 raises the stakes for the Extraction and Insertion phases and also throws in plenty of civilians to make planning and executing more challenging.

You'll have the option of choosing night ops, and you'll even be able to sneak up on your enemies rather than always going in guns blazing. In what should further enhance the game's tactical options, Door Kickers 2 will allow players to break windows and jump over ledges.The sequel will also add new trooper classes, weapons, tools, and gadgets, as well as Rules of Engagement, and new formations for your troops. The announcement also promises a Cooperative Multiplayer mode - although I don't know whether that mode will make it to the mobile version - and hints at the possibility of Adversarial Multiplayer, too. Exciting stuff, isn't it? The game is still far into the future with the game definitely not coming before the end of 2016. So, excited? I am.

  • Drexiel

    Time to replay Door Kickers in honor of its upcoming sequel

  • khann

    Door Kickers was one of my best 2015, and I like this change. They won't make Door kickers again and make it better, they take it in a whole new direction. It makes both games worth playing.

  • lemessie

    For iPhone too this time? 😛

  • Lawliet

    If this new release would be on iPhone that would be great. I didn't have a device to play the first installment with :

  • feinry

    It's a shame that it has to be again Middle Eastern terrorists. I'd prefer something more politically neutral. I wouldn't mind soldiers vs. soldiers. Or something similar to Ghost Recon Badlands: special ops vs. drug cartels.
    I love Door Kickers 1 but I am not interested in another game that only shows a Middle East full of terrorists.

    • Stormourner of the Nature

      yup using middle eastern terrorists are getting overrated

      • EvanJO14

        Kinda like zombies

      • Stormourner of the Nature

        I wish someone would make a game were the middle eastern are the heroes fighting the terrorists

      • EvanJO14

        That would be awesome. However there is more violent unrest in the Middle East than anywhere else in the world.

  • redribbon

    the first one was great, im looking forward for the sequel.

  • Dahaka_101

    Awesome!! One of the best games on the Appstore for sure. Absolutely looking forward to the sequel 😀 Instabuy!

  • Luis Miguel Méndez

    Would it be release on Android?