Supercell recently released the highly anticipated Town Hall 11 update for Clash of Clans [Free] and since then Clash communities on the internet have been overflowing with discussions regarding whether or not the game is better or worse for it. Quite a few balance changes were made, which broke more than a few strategies players were using to farm resources. This morning, Supercell posted a tease of an update they plan on rolling out as soon as possible.

Cliffsnotes amounts to there will be a new star bonus, which encourages players to participate in PvP with a daily bonus awarded for getting five stars in multiplayer attacks. To address players feeling like they're losing tons of resources being raided, the Clan Castle is now also home to the treasury which is where your various bonuses will be stored. Only a small percentage of resources can be looted. Finally, after you get raided a Loot Cart will spawn in your village which will let you regain some lost loot. Resources gained this way will also be transferred to the treasury.

It's cool to see Supercell respond so quickly to the Town Hall 11 complaints, and as the video by Chief Pat above says, it's possible that this might make overall resource generation even better than it was before the update. Again, there's no date for this new update beyond "as soon as possible," so keep your eye out for more news.

  • Drakkake

    How much loot will the new "Treasury" hold? If it's the same as the current clan castle (I.e., not enough for big updates), then it all seems pretty useless to me. The minute you transfer the loot to the regular storages it will get looted.

    • Eli Hodapp

      Presumably they're increasing it, as, yeah, it seems sort of dumb otherwise.

      • Tonton Ramos

        You two guys as well get an upvote...

  • Reydn

    I like the idea behind Gods of Olympus - there is no digression in he game, like having your resources all looted. You only progress. Typical RTS is that way - your building could be destroyed but usually your resources remained with you.

    • rewind

      Well in clash, your buildings pop right back up but you lose resources. So at least you can't completely lose a building or anything, or have it become downgraded, by being attacked. But yes, I do agree, losing loot is very frustrating and the game becomes very tough when upgrades reach 6-8 million.

    • samp1800

      How would that be any fun?

  • RiffRaff

    CoC can derelict mah balls with this new update, and in general, for that matter. They are essentially forcing you to play their repetitive game to make more money, and they won't let you cuss but they'll let people sneak into your clan and kick out all your members and won't do anything about it. Dumbest game ever.

    • majora

      Yeah, that happens when give everyone free elder and co

      • Tonton Ramos

        Riffraff and majora i love you for your comments and i agree both of you deserved an upvote

  • DemoEvolved

    After supercell released what is sure to be a monster hit clash royale, I'm sure they feel like they can make coc cheaper to play -- their revenue will be coming from cr from here on out