FDG Entertainment's Venture Kid has been floating around for a while now, looking like quite the promising retro-style platformer, really taking after Mega Man in particular. 2014 came and went without the game releasing, as did 2015. But what was to become of ol' Venture Kid? Well, FDG just dropped a nice little surprise in our forums, saying that Venture Kid releases next week, presumably on January 14th. All the huzzahs!

The game is also going to be priced crazy low at $0.99, which seems a bit excessively cheap for a game that's also going to be on desktop, and it's possible there's IAP in there too, but we'll see next week. At worst, hey, $0.99 entry point for a platformer that's looked promising and on our radar for a while now. We're excited for this, our forums are excited, and we'll surely have more on this one as we get the opportunity to write about it.

  • macatron

    Awesome! I absolutely LOVE the game music too. Any idea if it's available, or will eventually be available upon launch? I'd like to make it my new ringtone. πŸ˜€ As usual, TA rocks with your up to the minute news updates!

    • Fretzone

      Yeah the composer Matt Creamer said he will release the OST on his bandcamp probably the same time as the game comes out

  • Timmy2x

    Sold. (Checks the couch finds .99 cents!)

    • speedyph


  • http://www.witenoiz.com WiteNoiz

    Right up my street, I'll gladly throw money at this as soon as it's released.

  • sobriquet

    Holy sh!t, you aren't kidding. That video immediately took me back through the years to when I was playing Megaman. The music, the level design and boss fights! Definitely looking forward to this one.

  • Gurney Halleck

    Firstly, YES!! FEK YESSSS! ...okay, okay. Now that I've gotten my unabated excitement for Venture Kid's release out of the way I have only one final wish.. PLEASE let this be $.99 in the way Goblin Sword was $.99! There are enough potential iOS casual and hardcore gamers out there that this can be both cheap, and a runaway success! I honestly would like it if there are cool permanent IAP for things like new character skins, hats, or other personalization touches as I will gladly throw some more money at the Dev team for a great MM inspired retro platforming experience. I'm holding on to hope that the experience will not be marred by gameplay effecting consumable IAP. Either way I see this as a day one Instabuy for me. Crosses fingers!

  • esty8nine


  • Retro_ge3k_

    MFI Please!!!!!!

  • bluechipps

    Wow you weren't kidding, this is borderline copyright infringement on Mega Man. Instabuy! Lol