Now that it's 2016, it's safe to say that it's getting pretty difficult to come up with new twists on the endless runner genre. We've ran across the tops of buildings, through temples, and tons of other crazy places... But have we yet run on the back of a horse while slicing down countless enemies? That's the hole Arcane Knight is trying to fill. The game just got posted to our forums, here's the trailer:

Animations look a little rough for sure, but it seems like a cool premise for a game like this. Players will need to learn the various enemy types which all behave a bit differently and require a different strategy for dispatching. Arcane Knight will be available "very soon," and our forums are probably the best place to be for more information on the game.

  • DrlRage

    So... until they improve the rider's stiff animation, I'm going to just keep seeing him as a centaur. I'm still excited for it to come out though 🙂 Has any developer improved animation significantly in an update before?

  • nini

    Infinite runner.... with Rougelike elements... and zombies.

  • Erinn

    It looks like M&B on mobile. Instabuy

  • LordShad0wz

    Bring it on

  • MngaloW

    Oh, sweet! Can't wait to try

  • Jxsgamer

    Will check it out when it hits for sure... Relic Run has got me pump for more runners.

    Btw, is it suppose to be Arcane Knight or Night? :O

    • Ererun

      It says it is Arcane Knight. Why did you think otherwise?

      • Jxsgamer

        I was poking fun at the watchlist :X

    • icoker

      not too sure if a night can ever be arcane

  • Bafi

    Already loved it, more than my current games...