When Slitherine decided to develop Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon [$19.99 (HD)], most strategy nerds (like me) got quite excited because the Warhammer universe was a great fit for a strategy game based on the Panzer Corps engine. When the game came out, it didn't disappoint as it delivered a pretty deep strategy game with a crazy amount of units and a some long and diverse campaigns. When I reviewed it a few months back, I really enjoyed it, although I did have some complaints about Slitherine's multiplayer system. Yesterday, Slitherine announced a new Campaign for the game, Ork Hunters, that adds even more content to the game and includes new units as well as a continuation of the game's story. According to the announcement, after the Imperial forces defeated the Orks in the Second War for Armageddon, the surviving Orks left some of their spores in the Equatorial Jungle where they managed to survive and grow, threatening the stability of Armageddon.

In order to take care of this scourge once and for all, a special force of veterans is organized, the Ork Hunters, whose mission is to once and for all eradicate the threat. Inquisitor Horst has been sent to Armageddon to help these warriors, so expect to see him pop up and talk a lot. Because this Campaign doesn't include any Space Marines, the unit disposition is very different from the rest of the Campaigns, and the whole Campaign calls for different strategies than most other missions. You'll also see four new Ork units (Feral Wildboyz, Huntas, Boarboyz, and Junkas) along with six new Ork hunter infantry types (Ork Hunter Company Command, Infantry, Flamers, Anti-Tank Support, Fire Support, and Snipers). All in all, the 10 missions of the Ork Hunters Campaign should be quite fun to play. The new Campaign is out right now, and it costs $4.99.