Kobojo Games' Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey is looking like one of the more gorgeous upcoming RPGs, and the word we're getting is that the game is finally nearing its release – which will be a paid game, remember. Anyway, Kobojo has been releasing some character spotlights for the stars of their game, and the last one is for the big and mighty Dag:

There's several more character spotlights that show off the animation and abilities of each character on the Kobojo YouTube channel that are worth checking out. And if you're curious as to how combat works, well, here's a video on that:

Given the game's Final Fantasy pedigree and international development, I'm curious to see how this mish-mash works out, especially considering that the business model wasn't decided until late in development. The game looks gorgeous and sounds promising, but will it be a fun game in the long-term? That's the question to be seen, and the tea leaves are pointing to it being sooner than later.

  • Ragn4rok 74

    I know the devs said late November to early December for a release but PLEASE for the love of God let this come out next week!!

  • Leguro

    Woah. I'm not normally one for the flash esq graphics, but I like the looks here.

  • ScotDamn


  • ScotDamn

    This really looks and feels like the psn game Dragons Crown. Just with less cleavage.

    • Poo

      Less.... -.-

  • Daniel Wincelowicz

    I don't even care how much it will cost, I will DEFINITELY be buying this game. I'm beyond excited for this!

  • Adollin

    Been waiting for this my wallet is ready

  • Arkais

    I am really digging the art style, it feels very much like Dragon's Crown or Odin Sphere, which really makes me interested!

    • Carlos Fagundes

      Dragon History - PSP too!

  • http://www.deltaattack.com/ Fade to Slack

    They should really change the damage numbers to white or something that pops compared to the dark palette this game uses.

    Have they announced it as universal? I'll be getting it, but I'm worried it'll be heavy on the grind and light on the narrative considering it was nearly a free-to-play game.

  • eventide

    Please be good..

  • stubbieoz

    making room on my iPad for this.

  • smiffee666

    Would love the real Odin Sphere, if they are remaking a HD version for PS3/4 and vita then surely it could come to mobile? I'll defo take this though, best get saving, that divorce for misuse of funds is looking likely again lol

  • brantov

    we have a release date now, november 13th.