If you like complex board games on mobile, you should run to the App Store and download Steam: Rails to Riches [$4.99], the re-theming of Age of Steam that has just landed on iOS (it's been an Android for a few weeks now). If you aren't aware of this game, it's a challenging board game designed by Martin Wallace and published in 2009. Your primary goal is to build railroads and deliver goods along a constantly-changing network of tracks and stations. As you can imagine, you'll need to balance your need to expand and build more rail networks while taking care not to over-extend (the eternal conundrum of all robber-barons). The game was a 2010 Lys Passione Winner, 2010 Nederlandse Spellenprijs Nominee, and 2009 Golden Geek Best Gamers' Board Game Nominee. So as you can imagine, this is a must-have if you like good board games or have ever played with toy trains.


The game comes with original artwork, in-game interactive tutorial, 3 levels of AI with individual strategies, 3-5 player maps, and so on. As you can see, the game right now only has Pass-and-Play, but the good news is that in the iTunes description, online multiplayer is listed as "coming soon" along with online leaderboards, achievements, and new 2-6 player maps. I like my board games multiplayer and as social as possible, so hopefully there will be some type of chat implemented in the game in future updates. The game costs $6.99, and it's a universal app.


  • Tallgeese

    Angry trains killed my parents. I'll be skipping this one forever, thank you.

    • Son of Anarchy

      Yours too? Trains. So angry.

      • Tallgeese

        Dem feels, bro ;(

  • baelnor

    Gotta love a euro train game.

  • howitzer


    After 2 hours to download the initial maps (seriously) the game seems very rushed. No app switching. Load times on an iPhone 4 are close to 1 minute to startup. Tutorial message popped-up, but then sat with a loading message for a couple minutes. Switched out of the app, caused it to restart, tutorial message no where to be found when the app finally reloads.

    Off to a rough start, hopefully the devs can turn things around quick. This is an important app to get right for the devs and Mayfair.

  • burningzenithx

    The app isn't working at all for me. When it tries to do the initial download for the maps it says "unable to connect to the Internet" and then crashes to the home screen. I've rebooted and tried countless times and it just won't work. My device is an iPad Air 2.

    • MagIor

      From the looks of it they are having issues, probably because they did not expect the app to be popular. I imagine whichever fileserver they are using is literally crapping its pants. ~

  • Sandy Stumpf

    Beware, this app doesn't work as of yet. Unable to download maps. Read comments on this on Boardgamegeek before you buy.

  • Celiaq

    Cool Game, works like a charm. Fantastic graphics.