We haven't heard a whole lot from the bros at Foursaken Media since they launched their epic Heroes and Castles 2 [$1.99 / Free] back in May, but that's okay! They are some of the hardest working indie devs I know, they deserve a little break. Plus they've been busy with updates for Heroes and Castles 2 and you just know they've got at least one new game cooking. Anyway, one very nice tidbit of information they sent our way today is that their excellent base-building/tower defense/first-person shooter mashup Block Fortress [$1.99] is currently free for the very first time since its launch back in March of 2013.

In case you aren't familiar, Block Fortress tasks you with building an impenetrable base block by block, Minecraft style. You can equip your base and the grounds surrounding it with various types of turrets and defenses. Then, waves of enemies are unleashed and you'll see how well your base design fares against them. The coolest part in all this is that when the enemies start attacking, you can actually pop right into the game in first-person view and start blasting away at them yourself.

Block Fortress was a very novel idea for a mashup of different genres, and it came together really well in the end. We loved the game in our original review and it's only gotten better since then with many, many updates and new features being added over the past couple of years. If you somehow haven't even tried the lite version of Block Fortress before, you should definitely jump on this freebie, as it sounds like there's still a vibrant community for the game's cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes and it's a complete blast even if you're playing solo.

  • BrothaMann

    2 games in the works, actually 😉 maybe Block Fortress 2 because they are dropping this ones price?!??!

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  • eventide

    Nice! Thanks for the heads up

  • cloudpuff

    Are the iaps cosmetic/for fun only or do they offer an advantage? Just asking as I know my daughter will like to play this, and want to check that a player with only one or two iaps, has the same chance as someone who has the whole lot?

  • omegaKAOS

    Hell yeah! Been wanting to buy this for awhile now! Glad it free! What a surprise.

  • EvanJO14

    I want this on the new Apple TV

  • Rawk GWJ

    There haven't been many freebie alerts lately. This is cool. Thanks