Wow Telltale, that was fast! Just a couple of weeks after Minecraft: Story Mode [Free] first episode came out to very positive reactions, Mojang has just announced that we'll be getting the second episode of the series today! Never before has Telltale spit out two episodes of the same series so close to each other, and it caught many by surprise. This surprising publishing pattern might mean a few things: perhaps the developers feel that this series will be its most popular and want to make sure they strike while the iron is hot, or when Telltale said that Minecraft: Story Mode is easier to make because animating the characters is easier, it was speaking truth. Of course, it could be a bit of both.

No matter the reason, I'm glad Assembly Required is coming so soon because like every episodic product (TV show, book, game), a story is better enjoyed while its still fresh in the minds of the players. There's also a trailer out for the second episode, and I'm glad that it's more of an old-school teaser trailer rather than the more-recent "here's the plot and the ending" kind of trailer. As expected (slight spoilers here), the quest continues for Jesse and his gang, and the fate of the Minecraft universe is on his (and your) shoulders. No pressure, of course. What do you think of the series so far? Has it met your expectations, if you had any to begin with?

  • InTheAir

    Man, I was still expecting a Thanksgiving release. Well YouTubers, get ready!

  • Alex Bittencourt

    I instabuy anything from Telltale. However I only play when all episodes are released.

    Maybe this time I am going to play sooner than expected.

  • Anonomation

    Assembly required, although effort...

  • Wizard_Mike

    Do we know how much the episodes cost yet? On PS4, the season pass (single purchase for episodes 2-5) is $25, which means each individual episode after the first one must cost more than $5 each.

    • Wizard_Mike

      Never mind. Just saw that episode 2 is on the PSN for $5. Not sure what's up with the season pass price, but whatever. I assume the episode price will be the same for iOS.

      • InTheAir

        They actually charge $5 less on iOS, so it only costs $20 overall for all 5 episodes.

      • Son of Anarchy

        *grumble, grumble* Costs $40 overall in Australia *grumble, grumble*

      • Cilo

        Currencies aren't equivalent

      • Wizard_Mike

        On PS4 it's $5 for the first episode and another $25 for the season pass. $30 all together. You actually pay $5 MORE if you get the season pass than if you just buy each episode individually (which would be a total of $25). There is even a physical disc for $30 which comes with episode 1 and the season pass on it.

        iOS is definitely the better deal since you actually get a discount for the season pass, rather than ripped off for an extra $5.

  • Mr. Gamer

    I wasn't expecting this series to be good at all but it really is fantastic like their other stuff. Sometimes though the audio is like .25 seconds off with the animation.

  • Isaac Lee

    How much is episode 2-5 in Malaysia.

  • mdcahill101

    What exactly is the price for episode two on iOS only?