Six Foot Kid, known for their work on Band Stars [Free] with Halfbrick, are working on a new puzzle game called Forgotten Forest: Afterlife, which releases on Thursday, October 29th. The game's match-3 gameplay might put you off at first, but there's a pretty neat mechanic in play, where you can make matches originating from the protagonist in order to move around each level. You have 3 different shards of bottled memories to collect in a limited number of turns, eventually getting the memories to the shrine in each level. It does enough to make this stand out among other match-3 games.

The really interesting part about Forgotten Forest: Afterlife is that Six Foot Kid decided to eschew any sort of in-app purchases for the game. It's going to be a premium release, and you can't spend money on anything in the game. It's easy to see where with the turn limit, they could have done so, but they're going with a pay-once system here. That should interest those of y'all who love puzzle games but maybe want a game that's not about monetization every now and then. This one releases on Thursday, October 29th.

  • raresloth

    delightfully creepy!

  • MasonHurst

    Wow a match three that DOESN'T sell you power ups to cheat your way through the game...freemium style? I'm so in.

    • Brendan Charles

      Have you played Hero Emblems? If not, you should.

    • nini

      Yeah... "cheat" when those power ups are mostly needed just to progress.

  • eventide

    Guess it's time for us negative nancys on F2P to put up or shut up

  • MasonHurst

    I did play Hero Emblems... Great game.
    Unfortunately now it looks like this is another "always has auto hint on" title. Based on the gameplay video. Waiting for the dev to confirm this before buying/not buying. Here's hoping you can turn it off.

  • ducksFANjason

    Shame, I love that it's not free-to-play but they don't appear to have ported it to Android. Would've been an insta-buy for me if they did...