CR7vM2sUAAAvN8u.png-largeThere's really two types of people in this world: Those who love Trailer Park Boys, and those who haven't seen the series yet. If you're in the latter group, the show (and movies) are a Canadian mockumentary about living life in a trailer park. It's among the many totally classic TV series that was picked up by Netflix, and while the debate will rage eternally regarding whether the original series of the Netflix continuation is better, it's really something you've got to watch- Particularly if you enjoy really silly drug-centric humor.

A mobile game was just announced, and there's absolutely no details yet beyond it being released next year. There's loads of great directions the game could go though, between building and managing the actual trailer park, playing mini-games involving Bubbles' Kittyland Love Daycare, Samsquanch hunting, and more. I feel like it's going to be hard to mess this one up, and there's so much great potential in the Trailer Park Boys universe to create a totally hilarious game.

Hopefully Conky doesn't make an appearance, but, if he does, that's just the way she goes. If it's a builder game, I really hope your builders are Corey and Trevor. Anyway, stay tuned for more news on the Trailer Park Boys mobile title. I'm going to be watching this like a hawk- But not just any hawk, I'll be watching it like a sh*t hawk, Julian.

  • Dema9o9ue

    Eli, I love you. This is the greatest news of my life and this is one of the best written announcements I've read.

    This makes me happier than Randy at a Cheeseburger buffet.

  • pokah

    Man I love this show / series.


  • WaveLightGames

    That's awesome ... I live in Toronto and once saw the 3 main actors at the airport terminal.

    • bababewey

      I live in Halifax and have spent lots of nights out with nearly all the cast and crew. They've been going out to bars in character for more than a decade now.

      • pokah

        That's awesome, great way to advertise too lol.. The show cracks me up all the time

  • Martin Meier

    Too bad I can't understand the hype, but I've never heard of these guys. I should google them.

  • Steve Delamater


    get me a beer......

  • Dailon Huskey

    Cool thanks
    I fall in the category of someone who enjoyed

  • RHess00

    Oh man this game is going to be greasy! I hope the liquor snurf makes an appearance.

  • houseofg

    There's a shit storm coming, boys!

  • NaeemTHM

    Good god. Imagine a game where you're trying to manage the trailer park and the boys keep messing everything up. We would all be hitting the liquor like Lahey. Know what I mean Bo-Bandy?

  • reverand79

    The Boys used to live here in cole harbour. Filmed the show here as well. They used old busted up vacant trailers with the fronts redone so they looked lived in. The site was called trailer park productions and was on the same site as a old vacant asylum.

  • FreezeFrozen

    best show ever, a must watch !

  • Quazonk

    Man I can't wait for this to hit, nome'say-ehhh-ooooreh-eeee-oooom-eeryeery-SAYYYNNNNNN


    My buddy directed the new seasons. It's an epic show if you haven't seen it.

    • JohnnyB82

      There was multiple directors.

  • stolenlogic

    Holy shit
    Fuckin way she goes boys

  • bujubonton

    You know no matter how great you manage the trailer park, the guys will still end up in jail. Their white rapper friend is one of the most hilarious tv characters ever. They should do a jail survival minigame, in addition to whatever other content is coming. If you haven't seen the show, check it out.... Its quite clever.

  • JohnnyB82

    Thanks for sharing this!

  • Eyefood