If you've watched any of my Mobcrush streams, you'll know that one, I love Minecraft and two, I like survival games that force you to evolve or perish. It will surprise no one, then, that when I read how the upcoming game Eden is a survival RPG where you meet other players, build camps together, and fight side by side, I was immediately very intrigued. According to the website, this survival RPG drops you in a hostile fantasy world and you have to craft, build, and evolve if you are to prevail against all the dangers you'll be facing. The world of Eden will have a realistic daytime/nighttime cycle with your decisions and actions affecting your health and stats for the next day. As in every survival game, you'll have to build a camp where your hero can protect himself and set out in search of rarer loot. Speaking of your hero, apparently you'll be able to level up, customizing both your appearance and your skills and unlocking different skill trees along the way (even building your own skill tree).


All of the above sounds very promising, but what's even more interesting is the "social adventure" part of Eden. In Eden you'll be able to join a guild where each member has his or her own specialization. Together you'll be able to build a city, participate in co-op adventures with your party, and hunt very rare treasures or even worldwide bosses. You can even take over other Guilds as vassals and rule your empire. Now, as you'll probably agree, this game sounds fantastic and even verges on "too good to be true." I really hope The Last Kind developers can deliver on their vision because it really sounds like it could be an amazing game. At the same time, when a game tries to blend too many different systems and mechanics in one game, it often ends up a slightly jumbled mess. I hope Eden avoids that fate and ends up being one to talk about in 2016 when it releases. Here's hoping.


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  • spader623

    Do. Not. Fucking. Be. Free. To. Play. Or freemium. I don't care, just please God BE PREMIUM.

    • Repulsa

      I have never seen a premium multiplayer game with guilds, co op boss battles, etc so if this turns out to be one ill literally crap my pants

      • Godspoken

        I know you're almost certainly talking about mobile games but I really wanted to say "There's this game called World of Warcraft..."

      • Repulsa

        Yes on mobile lol

      • EZ Ice

        Closest thing to WoW is called Order and Chaos 1 and 2. Pretty good games.

    • Stormourner of the Nature


  • Samurix16


    • libtroll

      More like instaget :-/ (hope I'm wrong)

  • pokah

    Looks great.

  • Repulsa

    That was my question is this going to be premium ?

  • VirtualBoyFreak

    Eden was the first Minecraft-clone game that appeared in the App Store several years ago. I don't know if Apple will allow for a different game to release under the exact name...

    • VirtualBoyFreak

      To be more precise it was "Eden: World Builder", so maybe yes, they'll be able to use Eden in the end.

  • rewind

    There's already a game called Eden that is very similar to Minecraft. I guess this is completely unrelated? Strange but it does sound cool.

  • Repulsa

    Eden world builder yes that is more a building game with some minecraftish elements what intrigues me about this game are the rpg elements ...a survival exploration rpg? That makes me as excited for this as I am for Crashlands 🙂

    • anakinejo

      It's true though Eden was a the first clone of minecraft but in the end it was another sucky game

  • Fairstbiscut#1778

    Does anyone know if there is footage available of what they have so far? This game sounds really good and id like to see what they have so far

  • gleeclub

    sweet, but im not buying any games for a long time, because of the mess.

  • bcredonk

    Oh man that sounds and looks great. Premium or freemium I'm in

  • fabianb

    Do you guys really want it to be premium? I hope not. Premium multiplayer games are mostly dying fast. So I actually hope it's free to play this time.

  • thestapler

    OOOOOO pretty.

  • Gamer_Kev

    I love survival games but don't care for social gaming so I probably won't be getting this. I do like the look of the graphics though. Should the decide to release a single player mode, I'll definitely be checking it out.