Publisher eRepublik Labs has been pumping out some fun games of various sizes over the past year: they've done bigger games like the XCOM-meets-Clash of Clans [Free] game Tactical Heroes [Free] which has the amazing subtitle "Clash of Alliances," which should be the actual name of a game. But they've also done some publishing of smaller titles, like the recently-released Twin Shooter - Invaders [Free] that are pretty fun. Now, they're publishing a fun little cannon-shooter game called Cannon Land, which is coming out next month. Here's a trailer:

The game has you launching from cannon to cannon, trying not to fall into the watery drink below. You tap to fire while the cannon is aimed, so you will have to react and act quickly in order to get further and score points. Plus, the game looks not just adorable but stylish to boot, with a bunch of themes to unlock, including what looks like an amazing black and white theme. This one releases on November 7th, and you can check out the forum thread for more.

  • gaymerX

    I've enjoyed this gameplay formula since DK country. Landa Panda did it quite nicely as well.

  • Repulsa

    Sounds like fun I loved the cannon shooting bits from DK
    Is this gonna be free to play or premium?

  • tpianca

    I haven't heard about that "crazy cat lady " simulator in a while, anybody know any news about it?

  • Viudas Tormo

    This is going to be very fun!!

  • John Talbain

    The gameplay is very similar as Donkey Kong. Landscape or portrait? I've checked all games that they have and i find more interesting the concept behind Twin shooter