Adam Saltsman, known for the influential endless runner Canabalt [$2.99] among a bunch of other cool games like Hundreds [$2.99], is working on Overland with his studio Finji Games. This survival game with elements of isometric-view turn-based strategy is still in development, aiming now for a 2016 release, but if you're interested in finding out more about how the game is playing right now, well, Saltsman has uploaded a short video talking about the game and how it works:

This one has been in the works for most of the year, and you can see some of the changes from a few months ago. Overland is planned for 2016 at the moment, and you'll have to wait a bit longer for the mobile version. An early access release on Steam is planned first, but once 1.0 comes out, it should hit mobile as well, according to Saltsman.

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  • NFCT

    Sold! And sold again! Would pay for the game in the state it's currently in, without a doubt. Can't wait to see this released.
    And is it just me or is anyone else getting a modernized Oregon Trail vibe?

    • brybry

      I second that! (On all accounts)

  • rewind

    I'm pepped up for this game! Or should I say, I'm *peppered* up for this game...? I will have to make sure to *ketchup* on the rest of the news. Hopefully this game will be an *a salt* on the competition, and will blow other games out of the water. Lol, I really do *relish* these condiment puns.

  • imcookie

    Wow this looks very interesting, very interesting indeed as it makes me think of the Oregon or Organ Trail but in 3D. Shall be keeping an beady 👀EYE👀 on this little beauty.

  • EZ Ice

    Not mobile?

    • EZ Ice

      Well, mobile maybe....

      Can I post my PC game here that might be mobile soon?