There are four types of conflict that are normally cited as the basis of fiction: Man against man, man against society, man against nature, and man against self. But for far too long, the fifth, and possibly most important form of conflict in fiction, has been neglected by lazy creators all over the world too complacent to tackle this all-important conflict: robots against ghosts. Finally, one stunning and brave developer is tackling this conflict head-on in Robots vs. Ghosts. Check out the trailer:

Described as an intense survival game, you control a robot with a human soul fighting off ghosts who aren't happy that you are living now in a sweet metal body and they're off to float around and just generally be jerks haunting people. Thankfully, you have the technology to blow those ghosts away, and you'll take as many to the grave with you, advancing through wave after wave, picking up powerups and using your weapons to advance your anti-ghost crusade.

The trailer looks really intriguing, and I'm curious to see just how this one plays. The developer is looking for beta testers in the forum thread for the game, so if this intrigues you, jump on in!

  • gaymerX

    This looks like a really fun game. A nice departure from the usual twin stick formula. But,...Robots vs ghosts? Since its in beta, I assume that the design of the robot and the ghosts will/might eventually change? Right now it could be circle vs blobs. I like the clean graphic aesthetic, but the name and overall design seem contradictory. Either way, this looks like something I would definitely play.

  • fearlesskk

    This really looks fun and stressful sometimes

  • brybry

    I like the concept of using the wall to push them away or filter them into a smaller opening for a better kill shot. It's cool way to add strategy to this shooter.

  • Olivier Adam

    Hi all,

    Olivier here from the RvG team (yes, we indeed stuck to the same theme 😉 but if you read a bit about it, there's some background story to it all!)

    Just an update, the game was released a few weeks back and it's now free to download on the app store (with no IAP or ads, a dream come true!). Go ahead and give it a try!