Life is funny. I saw Dungeon Boss [Free] release recently, and the general aesthetic of the game, especially the fonts, reminded me a lot of Get Set Games' Storm Casters, a fun and fast top-down shooter RPG that came out last year. I forgot about the name, and went through a year-plus of purchased apps to finally find it. But what was weird was that the game actually wasn't on the App Store any more. I mean, it still works on iOS 8, so what was the deal with it being pulled? Well, the answer has been revealed: a new game, Storm Casters Ultra has just soft-launched in Canada and Denmark.

It'll be interesting to see just what this entails as a new entry in the series. Considering the original game was heavily driven by a card-based system, and this one is as well, it's not hard to see where this is making the free-to-play shift. Get Set is promising new Ultra Cards, an "enhanced story", a fourth card slot, and new Prestige game modes which promise to quadruple the amount of content in the game, so this seems more like just a re-release than a true sequel. Still, the original game was really cool, and I'm glad it's coming back at some point! Check out the forum thread for more.

  • Repulsa

    If this was a premium game that was pulled and re vamped as free to play that's really lame. I will never support developers that do that.

    • Anova

      And yet they don't get support when they publish the game as premium. So you're point is....developers should stop making games and focus on spreadsheet software?

      I played the original when it shifted to f2p and ought they had a totally fair system that kept the game fun, looking forward to the revamp.

    • NickCoombe

      Storm Casters dev here. Unfortunately the paid version was getting about 2 downloads a day 🙁

      We've always relied on word of mouth because we have never had a marketing budget, which is why our previous games have been free.

      We tried to go the paid route to avoid competing with the craziness on the free charts (and because that's what many players say they want), but Storm Casters just got lost in the App Store noise. As a small company we don't have the funds to pay our way to the top like the big guys 😛

  • Zeillusion

    Basically the game has a huge emphasis on " use your cards in game as spells " and the original didn't sell very well. Although it had some major bugs ( deleting save files ect). I really hope they didn't have the attitude " our game involves RNG so let's lock out content and make people gamble for cards and spend hundreds for good cards " ... Because that'll be upsetting. I put lots of game time in for my special legendaries.

    If hard work gets you nothing unless you pay in this version I won't donate. Premium to free is always worry some.

    Well just have to see, because this game did deserve a big audience. It was beautiful.

    • Repulsa

      Well they should do what the developers of dry lands did then, leave their pay version as is for those that bought it as premium in the first place and loved it as Is and submit another free to play version altogether.

      • LordShad0wz

        Not only did he make a free to play version, but the update for the paid version with all the skins and items you'd have to pay for in the f2p version will be applied for nothing of course in the paid version. So you wouldn't miss out on anything. He is a class act. And that's why I bought the game.

      • scottsoapbox

        I would buy Dry Lands just to encourage such behavior but I already bought it. So thanks Gaspar!!

      • scottsoapbox

        The fact that he called it Drylands part B... awesome.

    • NickCoombe

      We made sure not to take anything out of the original version - we've only added things that we feel make the game better and that players will want. There are some Unique/funny cards that are purchasable ("Ultra" Cards, like the Roosterzooka), but they aren't part of the main card set, and they aren't upgradeable like the core cards.

      We didn't put in any gating, energy mechanics, or timers. Our goal was to add content that people would be happy to buy, but that wasn't essential or pay to win, and to take nothing away from the original game. We've also added more than a dozen new (and pretty damn cool) cards to the main set that can be found just by playing as normal, as well as prestiging, with 3 new hard modes.

  • rezn

    I played hours and hours of this on my 5s. Would be awesome to play the update. Hope to see it crawl back in the US App Store soon.

  • benadvanced

    Can we get a post like this except for the game Crashlands? I know the guy making it got sick but it would be cool to find out how he is doing and get an update on how the games progress is coming. Thanks.

    • Repulsa

      They have a website it's butterscotch shenanigans and they are doing all of their updates through their forum there.

      • benadvanced

        Cool Ty

  • Orpheus

    I tried it and it is not bad at all. The best of it ? NO FREAKING INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED TO PLAY.
    Yes you can gamble to get card pretty much like Hearthstone (gosh I hate all these random card packs trend), but the card are easy enough to farm as f2p.
    Really recommend this guys

  • rockhount

    Bought and played the original obe which unfortunaly suffered from serious bugs (no enemies ob the maps) which did not get fixed...I think I will let this pass...

    • rockhount


    • JumpyJumper

      Had the same issues with the premium version and after playing the f2p version for some hours I can confirm, that all of those bugs have been fixed! Now it's perfect for me...

    • terrence92

      They promised to address that bug via twitter but never delivered. Still have this game on my phone and still waiting for the fix...

      • NickCoombe

        Those bugs are partly why we pulled the paid version - we didn't want people downloading a buggy game. Those bugs have been fixed in Ultra, which you can get for free now. Unfortunately your progress won't transfer from the paid to the free version, but it's a better game overall, so we hope you'll enjoy it!

      • rockhount

        Usually I wouldn't bitch around cause if this: But I paid for the buggy app and now I am supposed to play the F2P version if this game? No, sorry. Excusing not fixing bugs by releasing a F2P version is...are you joking?

      • NickCoombe

        Storm Casters Ultra is the same game as the original Storm Casters, but with new features that aren't in Storm Casters v1. Nothing has been removed from the game. Rather than have two separate games, we decided it was better for players to just switch over to the better version, especially since it's free, so there's no cost to switch.

    • NickCoombe

      Those bugs have been found and fixed (the missing enemy bug took us months to find until someone realised that it was caused by European countries using periods as a delimiter in thousands, so it wasn't happening in our QA, since we're in Canada where we use commas!). Ultra is very stable.

      • rockhount

        Than why did you pull the paid app instead of fixing it? What about a refund? The game is clearly broken for me that way

      • NickCoombe

        Supporting two separate apps is costly for a small company like ours. Since Storm Casters Ultra is the better version, and there's no cost to switch, it made sense to retire the paid version (why would anyone buy the paid version if it's the same as the free one?).

        Paid players had the chance to play the game well before this version came out, and I think people who played the paid version will really enjoy the new features we've added, like prestiging etc.

        What in particular do you think might be a problem with the free version? I'm happy to answer any questions you have about it.

  • Callys Caves 3

    bought the premium one cause it was by a dev in my area and really really loved the game. It would be cool if people that bought the premium game get some F2P currency or something in this version! But either way, great game and looking forward to checking out ultra

  • Modjular

    Isn't dungeon boss just another one of the myriad of social rpg's? Albeit, it seems like a more western take, compared to all the korean/Japanese versions, but none of it seemed very unique.

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  • Chiller ONE

    I must urge everyone to not support this dev because they are clearly scammers.

    The old game was a broken buggy mess that never got fixed and somehow became even worse with every "update" and now they are back to scam more money? No thanks!

    If you don't know what I'm talking about look up the old game thread.