I'm a sucker for games that play with 3D perspective in 2D views, and Graybles is sounding like a great idea based just on its concept. The game will have you navigating levels, trying to collect the three red items and getting to the door, using switches to alter the terrain. All the while, you're seeing the game from two different 2D perspectives, trying to judge where you are based on the information given in each perspective. The game is ultimately in 3D, you just have a limited selection of 2D views to perceive.

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The concept of Graybles is looking rather remarkable, even in this early stage, with a few months of work and two levels complete. Don't expect this one for a while – the developer, Daniel Marques, is working on the game in his spare time and there's still a lot of work to do to complete it. And for the record, the game is named after the "Graybles" episodes of Adventure Time. Do keep an eye on the forum thread for this game for more information on the game's development.

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  • ValentiaLyra

    This is very intriguing!

  • IStillHaveAVCR

    It's awesome when you come across Adventure Time fans

    • Daniel Maques

      What I can say... One of the best shows ever! =D

  • Daniel Maques

    Thanks everyone! Hope you all have a lot of fun when the game is out.