LogoPlaydigious_whiteWell here's something I was not expecting. DotEmu, who have won my heart over the years for their expertise in porting over classic video games with extreme care and thoughtfulness, was sold by its founders in September of 2014, which was apparently confidential information until now. It's scary seeing a company you love be sold to someone new, but according to the press release, DotEmu founders Xavier Liard and Romain Tisserand sold to "a private investor whose plans to continue growing the successful retro videogame publisher are aligned with the founders’ vision." So far that has held to be true, as in the past year DotEmu has put out some great retro ports like Garou: Mark of the Wolves [$3.99] and Ys Chronicles 1 [$4.99], and have plans to bring more retro goodness with an iOS port of Titan Quest and Ys Chronicles 2. So it seems like DotEmu is in good hands.

So, what have founders Liard and Tisserand been up to since selling the company a year ago? Well, they didn't officially leave DotEmu until this past June, at which time they formed a new publishing company called Playdigious. Their first project is a collaboration with Pastagames, who you may be familiar with on mobile from Rayman Jungle Run [$2.99] or Pix 'n Love Rush [$2.99], two excellent titles. Their latest game Pix the Cat came out on PlayStation Network in October of last year, and on Steam this past January. Playdigious and Pastagames are now collaborating to bring Pix the Cat to iOS, Android and Nvidia Shield. Here's the Steam launch trailer for Pix the Cat.

As you can see, Pix the Cat is like the offspring of Pac-Man and classic Snake. It also stars Pix, which you might recognize from Pix 'n Love Rush or his first ever appearance years ago in Arkedo Series 03: Pixel (can somebody please port that to mobile??). Playdigious specifically mentions them bringing Pix the Cat to "Nvidia Shield, Android TV, Android tablets, and iPad" so it's unclear if the port will include support for iPhones and Android smartphones, or if it will require the larger screens of tablets. Either way, I'm excited for Pastagames to be doing more on mobile, and excited for the future of Playdigious. Pix the Cat is scheduled for release on the previously mentioned platforms this autumn, and we'll let you know when more details surface.


    Looks like fun, you can have never enough of these type of games.

  • db2

    Pix the Cat is pretty great. Definitely wouldn't mind having it on my phone for when I don't have the Vita or PS4 handy.

  • rich_952000

    Yep I like it on my Vita. It requires some very quick and deliberate directional movements, wonder how it will transition to touch controls.

    • jamesgecko

      Yeah, it's quite fiddly; there's a noticeable increase of precision just playing with the arrow keys instead of a joystick. I can't imagine they'll slow it down, but I don't know how else the game will be playable. You need Super Hexagon reflexes in four directions. A simple onscreen d-pad probably won't cut it.

  • http://www.googlepants.com/ Wizard of Odyssey

    I take notice when a little company makes ALL the stuff I love, with no filler or garbage. I hope the new owners don't screw anything up, but it sounds as though they're in good hands!

    • Playdigious

      Hi Wizard, I do confirm that Cyrille, the new owner, is great and we are sharing the same business values. Plus the whole team stayed so DotEmu is in good hands with much more funds to achieve higher goals ! (We would have not sell otherwise). Cheers, Xavier.

      • http://www.googlepants.com/ Wizard of Odyssey

        Good deal then, I am happy to hear that. I didn't want to see you end up like ngmoco, Freeverse, Origin, Psygnosis, or other beloved companies that vanished. The fact that this deal happened a year ago and the offerings have only gotten stronger is a good sign as well. 🙂

      • mrsaturn789

        Will you guys ever port Raiden 2?

  • prodcharger


  • DJCubs

    Not to sound like a broken record but MFi yeah

  • korossyl

    So exciting~! I'll take anything with Pix in it. But number one on my wishlist would be giving Pix n'Love Rush widescreen support...!

  • jhamdotme

    From this short video, I can't really tell how it plays, but this really reminds me of ChuChu Rocket. That's not a bad thing.

  • crunc

    It's a fun game, but I really can't believe it's going to translate well to touch input.