cc200c4a05a66fbc7059bf14fbe743cabe93acb8_main_hero_imageIt sure would be awesome if we'd see some kind of massive battery technology breakthrough, but until then, we're stuck with what we've got. I tend to play games that require longer play sessions on my iPad, exclusively because I need the battery in my iPhone for, well, all the non-gaming things my iPhone does. It sucks getting lost in a real awesome 3D game on your iPhone only to close the app and see you're on the verge of getting the dreaded 20% battery remaining popup any second now.

A battery case can mitigate this problem, by giving you way more juice while you're on the go. Better yet, these cases have gotten slimmer over the years and with the iPhone itself getting slimmer, rocking a battery case doesn't feel anywhere near as silly as it used to back in the iPhone 3GS days. (I had the Mophie one back then, the thing was a brick.) Through TouchArcade Deals, we're offering the Slim Juicer 3100mAh Battery Case for iPhone 6 for a limited time for $30.99. The battery inside of the iPhone 6 is 1,810mAh, so you're not quite tripling the amount of battery you're carrying around with you... But it's getting pretty close.

  • Carlos Fagundes

    Eli, can send this jewel to Brazil?!?!
    I want!


    • handhoney

      De once você é?

      • Carlos Fagundes

        BH, Uai!


  • VirtualBoyFreak

    Sounds as a great deal. I have a battery case for my 4S and it sure looks like a brick. This one looks fantastic, and it's a great price too.

  • terrence92

    No love for europe

  • ineptidude

    There's a lot of charging cases on there. Is this the best one?

    • CzechCongo

      I got one from Anker for my iPhone 6 and it is great.

      • Anotherkellydown

        I just ordered a charging case 3 days ago on Amazon. The Anker Ultra Slim Extended Battery Case for iPhone 6, 2,850 mAh. It got great reviews.

      • jgeirge

        I can vouch; anker is magnificent; long battery life, cheap as ever and feels Quality! Plus a great place for stickers.....

    • Jesse_Dylan

      I've reviewed a multitude and they're all about the same, variations on the same design and none very great.

  • Jesse_Dylan

    Is this any different from the 10 other Chinese cases that probably all come from the exact same factory and are all kind of crap? I remember when there was variety in battery cases. Now each generation there is basically one Chinese design and 10 variations of crappy on it. Guess this is how capitalism beats inflation.

  • Gurney Halleck

    One important caveat to note. When trying to determine the actual charge capacity of an external battery several factors must be taken into account.

    1) Charge capacity does not equal charge delivery. Companies use internal cells from different battery manufacturers depending on the product line (Panasonic cells from Japan for higher end lines and Samsung cells from Korea in mid range models followed by an assortment of cheap cells made in China for low end models.)

    2) Battery/Chip efficiency and ability to read the target battery's specific optimum charge cycle frequencies accounts for anywhere from 8-15% of charge capacity.

    3) Higher temperatures will have a detrimental effect causing significant additional loss of capacity (anywhere from 5% and up) in a charging session.

    4) The charge cable used has a big impact causing charge capacity loss of anywhere from 15%-25% depending on whether you are using an OEM charge cable or a third party cable. Additionally cable length can further exacerbated this effect.

    All in all, a 3100mah backup battery charging an iPhone with a cell capacity of 1810mah using the official charge cable through a Lightning adapter (as is the case in a phone charger/case) will net you real world charge capacity of about 1.2 full charges from the 3100mah case, or about 2170mah actual usable capacity from a fully charged 3100mah external battery.

    I am personally very pleased with my Anker A5 16000mah with IQ Ports. I consistently get between 7-7 1/2 full charges to my iPhone 5S, or 1 full charge of my iPad Air plus a 70-90% phone charge from this battery per external battery charge.

    This normally retails on Amazon at $39.99, but has seen a couple sales down to $30 and is not very bulky or heavy at all, especially considering that it is functionally a portable wall outlet with capacity to cover several days of heavy use without a recharge.

    Hope this helps inform your backup battery choice some.

  • visualplayer

    This is actually a pretty low-capacity charger. If you want to charge your iphone 2-3 times look for 10000mAh or more (I have a 16000mAh charger giving me four full charges in the bag. And 2 2.1 ports too.)