In a "blink and you'll miss it" moment, Papers, Please [$7.99 (HD)] disappeared from the App Store on Tuesday night in the US, gone without a trace. It even disappeared from users' purchased libraries. Did Apple have a change of heart again about its nudity? Did they ban it for something else? No, actually, the reason is quite innocuous: according to developer Lucas Pope, the Apple developer contracts were updated, and needed his acceptance. He's been traveling out of the country, and the app got to a point where it was removed "pending contract" until he signed the new contract. He's done so, and the game's back on the App Store right now.

So, we have a situation where it's quite possible that you never even noticed the app was gone. While any app being removed triggers a wave of controversial reactions and assumptions of the worst โ€“ which, to be fair, Apple does tend to act with a degree of impunity regarding policy removals โ€“ in this case, it was just Apple asking for papers, please.

  • metalcasket


  • riChchestMat

    Did he have to photocopy his junk to prove his developer identity?

    • Rip73

      Is that now considered proof of identity?

  • Adams Immersive

    App reinstated with pro-totalitarian subliminal ultrasonic hypnotic commands added.

  • anakinejo

    Strange I'm in the U.S. and it's on my App Store

  • thestapler

    Making an iOS game seems like an ongoing nightmare with all the nitty gritty upkeep you have to do.

    • Nergal

      My thoughts exactly

  • Patt

    Hahaha! I saw what you did there!

  • rogel5

    I don't like that a dispute like this can remove something from your purchase history. Don't mind about from the store but I'm angry about some things that have gone from my account.

  • Gamer_Kev

    I can understand removing something from being purchasable, but Apple should never be removing anything from people's purchase library without issuing full refunds. In my opinion, it's nothing short of theft that they do, even if we're just leasing the right to play it. Every time I move to a new device it seems I lose a couple games. I try to get into the habit of backing up everything I like, but it's incredibly easy to forget something though.

    • Eli Hodapp

      You should probably read the iTunes terms and conditions next time it pops up instead of just hitting accept. These days you don't really even own the software you use anymore, you're buying a license to use the software which can be revoked at any time for basically any reason. Unfortunately, it's just a reality of digital media. Thankfully, everything is cheap enough that if I lose out on some games migrating to a new device I'm out maybe a couple bucks.

      • Torque2k

        These days?! Thank Bill Gates' dad for the idea of licensing software (MS-DOS, MS BASIC) decades ago... ๐Ÿ˜œ

      • dancj

        It being in the terms and conditions might make it legal, but it doesn't make it right.

        Luckily games are usually still available on the Purchased tab even after they're removed.

  • ohnowheredyougo

    Poor guy can't even enjoy a vacation to Cobrastan without having a hassle.

  • DjNorthlight

    i dont know why but it says its only available for ipad

  • SpringtrapAnimations

    So glad it's not gone forever :3