Sad news (but with a silver lining) for all Minecraft: Pocket Edition [$6.99] fans out there as Tommasso Checchi, an MCPE developer, has announced on Twitter that they won't start the beta for the new update on the 29th of this month, as was the original plan. In case you don't remember, the upcoming update is supposed to coincide with the release of Windows 10 and Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta and will add a billion new features. According to Tommasso, while they could start the beta on the 29th, that would mean no Enchanting, Music, or Controller support, which would be a disappointment to many. The new goal is August, hopefully.

Tommasso gave a bit more information on what he has been working on regarding the updated controls. He has added one O button that when double-tapped can make your character crouch. I'm looking forward to the crouch button being added because, as I've said before, I do a lot of Survival building, and for some reason I don't enjoy falling off and dying while building. Hopefully the beta will commence soon because the sooner it does, the sooner the new update will hit iOS devices.

  • Samurix16

    Sounds good to me

  • mindseyes

    So crouching helps you not fall ?

    • Marvin

      You can fall off edges while crouched

      • mindseyes

        Ok was wondering seemed it helps Eli in Survival some if that's what he's saying .

      • mindseyes

        I know a controller will be worth the wait !

      • jamesgecko

        Gonna assume you meant "can't."

    • Tasos Lazarides

      As long as you stay crouched while walking (sneaking), you can't fall off ledges. Useful when building. Check PC version videos to see how it works.

      • mindseyes

        No I don't play it as much anymore and not on PC so that's why I was wondering if that helped you not fall off as he stated guess it does help .

      • john smith

        It's also on Console Edition and Pi Edition

  • jtfields

    We need mods.

  • john smith

    It's not really Beta. Also when did they say that the Alpha Builds would come out? They said that that was the initial release date.