GAmeeGamee, a new mobile-first casual gaming social network, wants to provide gamers with a platform full of free games while vehemently opposing any IAP shenanigans. In an interview with The Next Web, Bozena Rezab, Gamee's CEO, talked about the new network's vision and goals. According to Bozena, Gamee's games are written in HTML, which means they can be played anywhere on the web and mobile (unlike other similar services like EA's Pogo, which is distinctly oriented towards web browsers and whose mobile presence is quite underdeveloped). The main target of Gamee is casual gamers, but Bozena insists the term is somewhat misleading; while casual gamers don't play "hardcore" games, according to different surveys, casual gamers spend up to six hours a week playing, which isn't that different from those we would call "mid-core" gamers. Still, the target audience for this service are those who mostly play on the go, while commuting or waiting in line for a coffee.


What I found interesting is Gamee's vehement rejection of IAPs, to the point that the company created the #WeQuitFakeFree hashtag and made a video to go along with it. Bozena sees IAP-based games nothing but a way to rip players off through simple and dumb game mechanics while turning gaming more into gambling. Instead of going the F2P route, Gamee is working with brands that can sponsor an existing game or create a new one in order to engage with their audience in a more interesting way than simply displaying an ad. It appears that unlike a service like Pogo, Gamee looks like it wants to build ads within the network rather than impose them on top of the network.

The social network has soft-launched in Australia and Turkey to test the platform in a "Western" market and a "developing" one. The soft-launch period, according to Bozena, taught them the value of localization as translating the app in Turkish raised registration rates from 15% to 92%. Also, Bozena was surprised to see many tablet users, especially during evening play, which suggests that people use mobile phones on the go and switch to tablets while at home. Bozena didn't announce any release date, but so far Gamee sounds like a strong network for those who enjoy casual games but not the IAPs that often come along with them.



  • C. Stubb

    Viva la Gamee!

  • cofunguy

    Didn't GOKO try HTML as well? And look what happened to that..lots of press, if the bad type!

    • cofunguy

      Grr...OF the bad type. Hopefully these folks maybe got some info from that experience in regards to how NOT to do it.

  • spsummer

    I can't stand most games with IAP, usually avoid them. I have found some good games however that were free to "try" then pay for the full version and had no future IAPs. Maybe these type games should fall into a different category?

    • houseofg


    • Gamer_Kev

      I don't mind IAPs as a way of providing future expansions for a game, but I don't care for pay to cheat games, basically anything with coins, gems, crystals, etc for purchase. I prefer it when the leaderboards are dominated by people who earned it, not bought it.

    • unexpect3rd

      i did that for one of my game, got sh*t downloads. I then relaunched it with everything unlocked but with Ads and IAP, It got featured by Apple.

      Maybe its not the model, maybe it's just the timing, but, hey.

  • J T

    Is the ability to play on a web browser only theoretical (they have not actually implemented it)? I played a few games on the app but I want to try playing some on a desktop web browser. I don't find anything on their web site on this.

  • ZeeMonkeyMan

    I wouldn't call this a casual gamers thing. Id call it a stingy core gamers thing.

  • witedahlia

    This is good news. Reminds me a little bit of OpenFeint. Can't wait to see how it develops.