Radiangames, purveyor of fine games such as Super Crossfighter [$0.99] and Inferno 2 [$1.99], has just announced a brand new game called Legend of Gigatron. The developer has just released some alpha footage (viewable in 60 frames per second on YouTube) of the game, and it's looking off the bat like it's a dual-stick shooter combined with perhaps the original Legend of Zelda? Check it out for yourself:

This one is going to be released on Steam first, but there's mention of "other platforms," which Radiangames confirmed to me does include mobile. But expect this on desktop first and then mobile later. Many developers do this now to avoid their game getting the stigma of being a mobile game among PC gaming enthusiasts who are vocally angry at the idea of games from a 'lesser' platform coming to their glorious PC gaming master race platform. It also helps that desktop games can sell at higher price points more easily than they can on mobile, because of the race to the bottom in terms of pricing. So expect to play this on mobile someday, just maybe not right when PC players can play it.

  • garbul

    Unmistakable Zelda influence! Love it!

  • rezn

    I love Radiangames. This looks great.

  • mrsaturn789

    I'm interested!

  • alduinslayer


  • Bison Eye

    Inferno+ is my favorite iOS game ever - I'll buy almost anything from Radiangames. Can't wait!

  • Echoen

    Battle City! No doubt about its inspiration!

  • Janus LaDove

    "glorious PC gaming master race platform" bias much lately? You seriously think the mobile experience is superior to the console, notebook, or desktop PC?

    • alduinslayer

      That is how PC gamers think, he was joking

      • Janus LaDove

        I got the joke yesterday on Reddit.

      • alduinslayer

        Oh okay