Sometimes an interesting art style suffices for a game to get my attention, and the art style of Dicetiny: The Lord of the Dice definitely did the trick. While an interesting art style can catch my eye, it takes more than that to actually get me interested in a game. When I read that the game looked to Hearthstone, Monopoly, and Rogue-like RPGs for inspiration, I was intrigued. Judging from the image and the gameplay video, you'll be going around the monopoly-like board using spells or abilities like in Hearthstone all the while customizing your character in some way or another. The game also has a lighthearted tone, filled with parodies and humor according to the developer, Fakedice. Apparently, the game started out as PC only, but somewhere along the way the developers decided to switch to mobile instead.


The game primarily centers around its PvP mode, but it will also include a storyline mode and a raids mode (a bit like a skirmish, or endless dungeon mode). The developers see their game as a gothic version of Culdcept in terms of aesthetics, but in terms of card mechanics, Dicetiny is closer to Hearthstone. If you watch the video below, you'll see how Taunt in Dicetiny loosely works as it does in Hearthstone by forcing the opponent to stop and face that Taunt creature. The developers plan to go the F2P route (which I suppose was also part of the reason they switched from PC to mobile), and you should expect the game to come out mid to early next year.

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  • Mr Smart

    What is with white people and the games they make? Every single playable character is a privileged white cisnormative boring stereotype. Only one womyn showcased as well. Ugh, white people.

    • PervySage

      how great is to live in a time where creative freedom must be exchanged in favor of political correctness.

    • Based Xatu

      What is wrong with you? Take your racist crap somewhere else. If you're a certain ethnicity/race/ whatever wouldn't you put people in a game that look like you? I'm black and your comment was offensive and stupid to me.

    • libtroll

      The devs aren't Caucasian... They're Asian (Korean)

      • Agkelos

        This made me laugh so hard. Mr Smart is evidently more of a Mr Idiot.

    • Jef Crisis

      what's a womyn?

  • mycoolroy

    This looks awesome.

  • Serotonin

    I've been waiting for some Culdceptesque for IOS. This looks like it has promise. Shame it'll be a half year at least until release.

  • Jim Shorts

    Looks freaking awesome!

  • 歐陽喜郎

    saying this aesthetically like Culdcept is an insult to Culdcept.. The game does look fun but not very appealing visually... just my taste though.

    Still waiting for a f2p Cultcept on mobile device.

  • HaNYolO

    Jin! You're still mah bro!