The developers of Albion Online, the upcoming single-server cross-platform MMO, have just released a new trailer detailing the game's features, which, to be honest, sound almost too good to be true. The game's been on our radar for some time, but now we have more information and a better idea of the game's scope. According to the trailer below and the website, Albion Online will let you live the medieval life of your dreams; you can fight, farm, trade, craft, build a house, join guilds, and much more. Now, I know that you can find these features in other MMOs, but what makes Albion Online stand out are the nuances of the various features and systems. Apparently, the game has a player-driven, complex economy affected by local events like conflicts. Everything in the game world is player-made or player-collected, which will probably make the world feel more interactive.

The character classes appear much more fluid than in other MMOs, with a "destiny board" acting as a skill tree that helps you specialize your character. Guilds are also important in the game as they can take over land and expand (at the expense of others, of course). The game will be cross-platform and universal and will play on a single server, which is great news for players whose friends are strewn across the world. If you want to find out more about Albion Online, you can go here to learn more about the various features. The game has had an Alpha before, but it's getting ready to re-open it on June 29th. Now, the Alpha is a paid one and not for iOS, but the Founder's Packs also offer various in-game bonus items in addition to Alpha and Beta access. If you are the kind of player who enjoys those kinds of perks, you might want to check those Packs out.

Albion Online sounds fascinating, especially when you consider that this game will play on my iPhone and iPad. Having the ability to traverse such a complex world while sitting on my...couch sounds amazing. And that's exactly why I'm slightly apprehensive about Sandbox Interactive's ability to deliver the kind of features that would even make a PC MMO stand out, let alone a cross-platform one. The video that shows the game playing on multiple platforms is promising as the iPad version looks good and seems to play fine (although you can see how it takes much longer to load). The idea of a cross-platform PVP mode worries me, though; I don't believe I can compete against a mouse-and-keyboard player without getting smashed instantly, but, perhaps, the developers have a plan to help remedy such issues. I hope the developers can deliver on their promises because such a game would be an iOS gem. I'm very cautiously optimistic, and I'll be keeping a very close eye on the development of Albion Online, all the while hoping that I can finally have a little farm in a corner of Albion that I can cultivate while waiting for my coffee or having a beer. People in our forums are very excited about this game, so it appears I'm not alone. As the game is just entering Alpha, I don't expect it to release any time soon, and I suspect it's going the F2P route, but we shall see. Are you excited about this one, or do you fear that it won't turn out as good as we are hoping?


  • Alexythimia23

    Wow...will keep an eye on this one,,,,REALLY hoping there will be mfi support, makes it so much easier for these type of games ✌️

    • BonnieMBrown

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  • t0panka

    "...this game will play on my iPhone and iPad."
    In that trailer video they said that iOS and android TABLETS so which one is true? This game looks really good!

    • Leguro

      Comment on top says iPad Air 2 only. :p

  • ODMay

    This game is going to have near 50,000 users in 1 month.

    • jgeirge

      Even more so if the game is free to play

      • Arcus Tenshi

        It's not free to play I think.

  • Alexythimia23

    Also intrested to know which ipad that was being run on??

  • SoyGreen

    If it's FTP - ugh... hoping it isn't true. They say they want to go back to the old school MMO style... please make it premium then! If they can pull this off - make it a monthly fee to play! PLEASE!

    But if I start playing and I want to be a damn farmer and I have to pay 100 crystals a month for a 10'x10' plot to farm or better yet 1000 crystals for an even bigger lot... screw em. No way I'm playing that garbage.

    • fearlesskk

      It is going to be f2p but u can pay to play before which is dumb as hell

      • SoyGreen

        What now?

        In one of their videos they talk about Ultima Online a lot - wanting to offer that experience in game play. I just hope like crazy they offer the same experience in subscription! 🙂

        Keep everyone on the same playing field - monthly fee - earn it in game. Don't pay for gem BS to speed stuff up etc.

    • ODMay

      A monthly fee to play? LOL!!!!!!!

      • Nekko

        What's wrong with paying a monthly fee?

      • ODMay

        If there's gonna be a monthly fee, it should be for something like a v.i.p package.

      • SoyGreen

        No way! Monthly fee all the way.

        Or a really restricted FTP with the monthly sub for full features. And by restricted I mean like no general chat or trade. Limited to group and guild chat. Seriously.

        Honestly one of the best things about pay MMOs is the communities that can happen without 12 year olds being dbags cause there is no cost to play. I've had far more fun in MMOs that cost me $15 a month to play than I have in ANY ftp model for MMOs.

        And why not a monthly fee to play? They say they are trying to capture what made Ultima Online great in the game play - why not go all the way and choose a payment structure that will best foster that type of player base... cause they sure as heck aren't going to get it with a FTP model.

      • Nekko


      • klepp0906


      • Agkelos

        This just shows that you haven't played many MMORPGs. At least the good ones like Ultima, FF11, WoW...they all operated on monthly subs on top of having to buy the base games and all the expansion packs, and they were WONDERFUL. I hope they go the monthly sub route.

      • klepp0906

        Aaaand another +1

      • klepp0906

        Yea a monthly fee just like every mmorpg to ever exist you pleb. This is not thr game nor the genre for you bud. Would potentially require moms credit card anyways.

  • Bloodangel

    I'm a mmorpg pc gamer, but since daughter born, my poor, poor pc is gathering dust ... Ohh I miss it so!
    So a great mmorpg on my iPhone would be awesome! I'd be happy to pay monthly fee too.
    Just please make it iPhone too as I don't want to miss out 🙁

    • oortooless

      Buy an iPad, don't miss out

    • klepp0906

      I feel ya there. My newborn has changed everything 🙁

  • fearlesskk

    What i HATE with this is the stupid 50$ founder packs. Made me go away from that game

  • Anonomation

    Confirmed? What if Albion Online was not kill?

  • AOSzymon

    Hey guys, my name is Szymon and I am the community manager of Albion Online. Thanks for the great article and all your comments. Albion will be available on tablets of 2GB RAM and more so the newest iPad 2 Air is required. 🙂

    Best Regards,


    • borisy

      I'm happy to hear this because I own Air 2! But it would be hard to restrict it on the App Store. Which means people with iPad mini will live one star reviews for you. You do can limit the app only for 64 bit processors (starts from Air), this is new iOS 9 feature, please fill free to make it as a requirment. And don't mind iPhones, people should buy more iPads.

      • Nekko

        What's wrong with that?

      • Nekko

        Whoops sorry replied to wrong comment. Please ignore.

    • SoyGreen

      I will second borisy. Please do not roll with FTP! PLEASE.

      IF you need a free to play model - please consider seriously gimping the free players when it comes to community. No general chat and trading for starters. (And no listing on the auction house...)

      You say you want to really create some of the experience of Ultima Online - do it with a subscription user base. It attracts more quality, long-term, decent players. I have had LOADS more fun playing $15 a month MMOs than I have on ANY FTP MMO. I would be HAPPY to pay $15 a month if you pull off what you are trying to do with the game.

    • Leguro

      What kind of android tablet is that? Just curious as to what android tablet(s) is faster than my iPad Air 2. K1 processors specifically? Or 64 -bit k1?

  • GoldenOreo

    It will be released early 2016 and won't be on iOS until final release. Not excited right now, no

  • Tuzzo

    I saw a stream of a famous youtuber (Denis "Force" Duhamel if you're wondering) a few months ago. He did a paid coverage of one of the first alpha builds (or THE first alpha build; don't know if they made more than one).
    This game has just one big problem for me: when you die, you lose everything you have with you. Everything!
    The game revolves around the concept of tiers: there are tiers for crafting materials, tiers for profession tools, tiers for weapons and armors. Each tier upgrade needs materials/tools/weapon/armors from the previous tier. Each step up needs more previous-tier object than the previous.
    So, let's say you work your a.s.s. out for a week to get that damn tier-3 pickaxe so that you can start farming tier-3 ores to craft a tier-3 armor and some bored idiot 10 levels above you passes by the mine you're in and insta-kills you. You instantly lose your precious tier-3 pickaxe, every ore you have mined and everything else you were carrying! O_O
    And if you didn't save tier-2 crafting materials in your "vault" or whatever it is called here, you have to start again from tier-1.

    I'm not waiting for this game as it is, but I understand the technology under the hood feels great. It just has arguable game mechanics for my tastes :/

    • NukesKnight

      Older MMOs would almost always punish you for death in some way or another. If they want to bring that old school feeling back, losing items on your person when you die is one way to do it.

    • SoyGreen

      I don't mind the lose everything on you aspect... that doesn't bother me.

      It would bother me in an environment that is FTP however... people pumping in more gems for better gear than me... just cause I'm not willing to do the same. That would be a nightmare.

  • deano13

    IPad Air 2 or newer... Bah this ha a been removed off my wish list.... Not gna be buying new tablet just to run a game... Shame was excited about this..

    • borisy

      Air 2 is not just about games, this is only iOS device which support true multitasking.

  • Lenzoj

    High hopes

  • Raki_Saeki

    Me and my iPad 2 are crying right now...

  • Giles Rafol

    If it's F2P, I hope they do it right. Minimal cash-shop with sidegrade microtransactions. None of this P2W garbage that's so prevalent these days. Hell, provide a subscription option with decent enough benefits (that aren't P2W either). Old school and serious MMO players have no qualms about subscriptions, as long as the subscription is worth it.