LogoE3 is absolutely exhausting, and our overall exhaustion level is well represented in this week's podcast, which was recorded immediately after the show floor closed yesterday. We chat about the coolest things we saw in mobile including accessories and devices, weird things at E3, and our experience with various VR demos. We'll be back to normal episodes next week, so please stick with us through another episode with weirdo audio quality.

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  • Zendorphin

    Conversation begins as the theme is playing :p

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    • http://adamsimmersive.com Adams Immersive

      Shortest liveblog ever! 🙂

  • http://adamsimmersive.com Adams Immersive

    Oculus Rift is awesome (even the original DK1 I develop on)--glad you guys got to try VR!

    There IS hope for VR at low cost. I've done most of my Oculus Rift work (and playing games by others) on a 2011 MacBook Air. It IS enough for a smooth framerate.... for SOME content. It can't handle every kind of game and environment, but it CAN handle some really fun things. (Luckily, I now have a Mac Pro, and can have all those high-detail massive environments too.)

    And Google Cardboard on iOS can be pretty great in a similar reduced-detail way. Google's own demo app is disappointing (no neck modeling, overly-simple content), and most of the other "Cardboard" apps actually predate Google's iOS tools, and do not adapt to different headsets properly. But games made with Google's new iOS tools have potential! I just today tried an iPhone Cardboard game "InMind VR," and although the gameplay isn't special, you do get a great sense of space and motion. With a little more polish and head-tracking audio, it could rival some of the Rift experiences. I am inspired to get back to work on "Church of the Worm" for iOS.

    I hope you're right that phones of the future can deliver all the detail we need a PC for. Being tethered to a PC is awkward at best, even if the view is incredible.

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  • Lickzy

    I tend to throw on the podcasts weekly and listen to them while I'm doing other things. Might I ask how many followers you have, 200+ episodes later?

  • Tony Teulan

    Definitely always the highlight of my week's podcast listening shenanigans. Not sure how many I've listened to but it continues to always be on point - keep up the good work. Even when you think a show isn't so great, it's more than decent!

    Anyway, I hope to get out to E3 soon. Did you see many Apple Watches on wrists for the companies you met with? Or is it something developers are still not really embracing as a rule?

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