Developer Tabletop Pixel has been hard at work on a nifty-looking dungeon-crawler called Quest Heroes, which they've just revealed on our forums. They're calling it a "tactical dungeon crawler with board game flavor," where you will take a team of heroes through a dungeon filled with myriad traps, bosses, and even different victory conditions, interestingly enough. Check out some raw gameplay footage without sound below:

One thing that sounds really intriguing is that Tabletop Pixel is trying to make Quest Heroes conform to real-life board games, with the idea being that you could play this as a tabletop game, not just as a digital game. And they plan on releasing a print-and-play version at some point. Plus, the world is designed to be humorous, with freedom as to the party you want to construct, and no class-based gear restrictions. Check out the forum thread for more on this game and its development.

  • gaymerX

    This looks great.

    • BonnieMBrown

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  • RandallPeek

    So... A knockoff of Warhammer Quest? Seriously, this looks almost identical, even to the spider animations.

    • Lickzy

      I hope that is exactly what it is. Who doesn't love Warhammer Quest...? Besides Android users I mean. Ha.

  • Christopher Hale

    I'm really looking forward to it, it's basically a computer version of HeroQuest and old board game my family would play. They even have the same staircase. 😀

    • macatron

      Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. I LOVED playing Hero Quest back in the day. 😀

    • Poo

      HeroQuest was super awesome. I still have mine from when I was a kid.

    • anabolicMike

      There are a couple games on the store already that are like that. Hmmm what are they again let me see: Arcane Quest 2 and another one that I can't rmemember (maybe it's only on android, the dev was a good guy and fixed my problem right away when I had one). Hmmmm. I have them and I played me (on my android which isn't with me). Very awesome. Very buy able :). In this instants it's flattery not thievery to make a game around the same as hero quest 🙂

      • Angélique Toque

        Guys if you are saying that its super awesome game, have to try it 😀

    • Angélique Toque

      And whats your impressions? 🙂 worth recommending?

  • ImJPaul

    Ya, this looks exactly like Warhammer Quest. Which isn't a bad thing, considering my love for the game.

  • anabolicMike


    • anabolicMike

      My phone changed instabuy to instantly. But I will purchase this immediately haha. I'll pay for it now and pay to beta test it! Love this style

  • AnnaWachter

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  • Tabletop Pixel

    Whaoo, I just found out that Quest Heroes was featured on TA's homepage! We were not expecting that to happen so quickly, thank you Carter for the exposure! And yes, if anyone has any questions, feel free to join the forum thread!

  • Jim Shorts

    Warhammer Quest, Arcane Quest 2, Dark Quest... Should be called Redundant Quest.

    • Tabletop Pixel

      Mmmm.. let me not be agree (what if I was :D!). Quest Heroes is featuring a lot of things that are not in the titles you mentioned. In fact, it's exactly because I never found what I was hoping and dreaming into the existing HeroQuest-like video games that I started this project. You should come on the forum and check what these features are! On the other side, I'm agree that it could be nicknamed the "Not-So-Original-Title Quest" 😀 We are aware of the issue but there are good reasons why we kept - at least for the time being - what was a project codename 😉

      • Jim Shorts

        Sounds good. I'll definitely check out the forums.

  • StephanieGonzalez

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  • korkidog

    I love Warhammer Quest and look forward to seeing how this game is. Looks good!

  • stubbieoz

    This is exactly my type of game. Good decision on making it a premium title. My money awaits.

  • merridew

    Looks like it could be fun. I'd love to see a board-game-style RPG like this with asynchronous multiplayer. Something I could play with friends at work or across the country.