505 Games has announced with Starbreeze that they're bringing an entry in the popular PC heist game Payday to mobile. Starbreeze has commissioned Cmune, developers of UberStrike and Bullet Rush [Free], to bring a mobile version of Payday to life. No release date has been announced, or any details beyond the involvement of Cmune, but this should be worth keeping an eye on.

Payday has been a huge hit on PC, with the franchise amassing over 9 million players. I enjoyed UberStrike when it was on mobile, but we'll naturally see how the Payday franchise translates to mobile. 505 Games does publish free-to-play games, and it's possible this as a mobile game could be free. But with Payday known as a paid franchise, maybe it could be paid as well? We'll see as this one enters further development and we hear more about it. Perhaps sometime this week at E3?


  • drmad

    I hope it’s not gonna be free to play....

    • OrangeJews

      Haha really? Have you played Payday 2?

      • Evan Willis

        Payday 2 isn't free

  • Anonomation


  • Mekklesack

    Yikes! Speaking of E3 2015, I'm watching these E3 press conferences and "year after year" the increasingly intense, stubborn and painful awkward austerity masking the complacency, meritocracy, cronyism and arrogant entitlement in that private sector audience is monolithic, but that's not enough to sustain that facade. That's why games "and everything" is coming mobile (basically, moving away from you)... You old world dinosaurs DO NOT appreciate what's out there, or anything in general and the comet is already here.... Moving on... Yes, yes, anything outside of the status quo is just a fad... of course, of course...

    This is all great stuff on all platforms from "all" developers but the heated lack of reciprocation at these press conferences is absolutely agonizing.

    • pauldavidmerritt

      It will be f2p for us. Still tired of it, I am. With us, the force will not be.

      • Mekklesack

        It's all pay to play, across the board, even the greatest game ever made Mortal Kombat X (seriously) has a subscription service for online play... If publishers want those big bucks back you better believe those companies will do a double take at all who did not applaud their persistent prostrations on stage (that or release more "unfinished" sequels). I pop a Xanax and a Prozac every time a presenter attempts to appeal to an audience that's already dead on the inside.

      • Mekklesack

        Corporations may not be people but they do have a point. If you don't take loans seriously and build trust then the banks will turn against you. If you do not appreciate what is done for you, marginalize or neglect others then these people will turn their back on you/turn against you.

        Everyone needs a hug... Even Thor...

      • Mekklesack

        ...actually also you can pay for a whole app, but "ownership" has never been clearly defined. Free to play is the most fair deal for all parties when you're paying for services rather than ownership of something that's not a physical object. It drove me nuts when Square-Enix shut down the servers to fantastic BloodMasque app but they had no obligation to keep this (one time premium game) up and running. And more games, media and information are going digital everyday. I wouldn't ask to have a barrier between me and media in the digital space. Okay I'm done.

    • Mekklesack

      It's not a cool calculation it's dysfunctional, it's "mental illness..."

    • OrangeJews

      Someone has a thesaurus.

  • InTheAir

    You know, they didn't say if it was Nvidia Shield exclusive......

  • stolenlogic

    E3 has nearly made me so erect that my penis is nearing the breaking point.