For far too long, frogs have been at the mercy of large vehicles and foxy fighter pilots. But in Green Ninja from Nitrome, releasing on Wednesday, June 10th, will have you controlling a frog warrior who will kick ninjas in the face. Finally, frogs won't just be relegated to crossing roads, they'll be getting some vengeance on their oppressors. Check out the trailer below:

There's a bit of a puzzle-based vibe to Green Ninja, as you swipe around levels to try and defeat everyone. Some objects, like solid gold blocks, and moving mines, will interfere with your quest, and will have to be worked around to try and defeat everyone in the level. Because you are a frog that is screaming for vengeance! Expect this one on Wednesday, and it will be available for free with ads, and an IAP to remove them, like many of Nitrome's recent games.

  • rezn

    This looks awesome. I love Nitrome. Good thing I still have $5 left in credit for this weeks goodies.

    • NOBODY

      This game will be free.

      • iosuser

        Seems they only make freemium games now.

      • rezn

        Free with in app purchases to likely unlock ads like some of their other titles.

  • imcookie

    Wow Nitrome must be the most prolific developers on the AppStore. They just spew out hit after hit almost every week, which is mental when you think about it. I would really like to see what they could produce if they put a whole year into a title, I bet it would be something special for sure.

    • NOBODY

      Their mobile games "Icebreaker A Viking Voyage" and "Gunbrick" were games that were in development for more than a year, but they were not working on those all the time during the years they were in development.

      • Nitrome

        Icebreaker was in constant development for well over a year.

    • Nitrome

      I'm glad you think we're quick in cookie. A lot of it is down to us working on 4 games at any one time in 4 teams. That gets us a game about once a month and leaves some room for updates.

  • melvin2898

    Really nice graphics