A new Lego game may have just leaked. A game, seemingly called Lego Worlds, was featured on the back of a new City Square Lego set, complete with WB Games and TT Games, the latter being known for their work in the Lego series. With the tagline of "Explore. Discover. Create." and vehicles, there's lots to speculate about here! Could it be a Minecraft [$6.99] style of game, but with Lego? Maybe! Is it an error, some preproduction art for Lego Dimensions that accidentally made it out into the wild? Who knows! One comment seems to indicate that an open-world Minecraft game may be what to expect.

Lego Worlds

We're seeing Lego Dimensions, the Skylanders-style take on Lego with all the different licensed properties that will be interacting together, later this year. But an open-world Lego game where you can build whatever you want? It feels long overdue. After all, I always thought when Lego started doing Minecraft sets, they had it backwards: we should have seen the Minecraft take on Lego. Maybe now this will happen. Or who knows just what this will be!

[Wired UK]

  • Anonomation

    Lego Ninjago, Lego Avengers, Lego Jurassic World, Lego Dimensions.

    "Which game will YOUUUUUUUUU Get?

  • Jon Smith

    Long over due indeed, when I explain my Minecraft addiction I tell people it's like playing with Legos which were my childhood favorite toys and the only ones I've retained well into adulthood.

    • maiyr

      I tell people that minecraft is like being the lego figurine in a huge lego world that you create.

  • IceMan7

    Man Legos were my childhood

  • Dueler

    Whatever it is I'm sold.

  • EvanJO14

    I went from Legos to minecraft. I love both. This might be an instabuy- -

  • Alex_Gol

    LEGO Second Life

  • Jims5543

    Take my money!!!

  • TJ

    Minecraft was done right by an indie developer. I fear a corporate creation may be riddled with FTP gimmicks, with monetization prioritized over gameplay. /negative-ned Sorry it's been a long day at work.

    • myopicpaideia

      Fair enough, but Microsoft owns Minecraft now...fear for its future?

  • tex42

    I totally predicted that minecraft would go lego and make real playsets for kids. Guess i got it backwards

  • Rawk GWJ

    Lego on iOS has been of very poor quality. Lego on console and PC has been mostly excellent. I have high hopes for this.

  • Evster

    A Lego Minecraft rival eh? Could be good! Might give it a look if that's the case.

  • 김지 킫밸

    When I had Lego creator for my pic I had so much flipping fun. I'd walk down the streets setting of dynamite and watching the Legos fly! It was so much fun! Now that I'm older, I can't wait to do it again. Lego worlds please be real!

  • Shining Jade

    Yup looks neat to me but only on PC ... So sad